I want to know how to deal with an ex who is tryong to get in touch after two years of breaking up with me. I am scared he will blackmail me with our pics and chat history and jeopardize my upcoming marriage. Is maintaing silence okay or will it push him into blackmail?


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He's got to have something to blackmail you, videos, etc.

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Rachel Sur
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He probably does things like some pics and chat history....
Ancient Hippy
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It probably won't hurt to talk to him and see what he wants.
Jann Nikka
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Confess and ask for forgiveness to all you know then he has nothing.
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Unless he has something from the time you started dating your fiancé, why would he be able to blackmail you? I am sure you fiancé knows you had previous boyfriends.

If you are truly concerned have a third party that trust to contact him and find out what he wants.

And let this be a lesson to you and everyone else. Never put anything out there that you don't want your grandmother to see.

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Rachel Sur
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Thank you for your advice .... No my fiance doesn't know about him, it was just a fling and so i never mentioned this relationship. That's another mistake.... But yes it is a lesson.
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Confess  and ask forgiveness to all that you know.  Therefore, the blackmailer will have nothing to use against you. If your fiance doesn't accept it then move on because there are other men who will and accept you. At least it's out there in the worldwide web, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  Your free of worrry.

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if he has pictures of u it may not be blackmail it may just show your flip side. So he can emberass you

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Unless you and your ex made and sold "snuff films," or you said you living on a deserted island from the time you were ten years old, I can't imagine anything you might have done that that would be a deal breaker for your future husband.

Why not tell him about that "fling."---Perhaps he has no idea how many additional adventures he can look forward to.

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You need to talk to your future husband about what is going on. Then there is no surprise or secrets if or when the ex tries to black mail. Take away the ex's power right off the bat!

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