My Boyfriend Has A Crush On Another Girl, What Do I Do?


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Emma Jackson answered
No don't worry, I'm in the same boat, it fades away, they cannot help chemical reactions and although it hurt me a lot when I found out and to think about it bout it worries me sick to think what if he'd prefer her, but this is a test of trust, you just really have to put your trust in them. Love is more powerful than a crush, he cannot help it but if he loves you believe him. Make him see how important you are to him, give him space for him to realise how good you are! And stay strong, don't worry lots of ppl go through this and pull through! Have faith
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Tehee Mehee answered
I wouldn't call him your "boyfriend" anymore.... If he has a crush on an other girl, that means that he isn't interested in you. Move on, and you will find another guy that likes you for who you are.

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