Can a girl have more than one crush?


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I am not a girl, but boys and girls are full of hormones. I would think lots of crushes, is normal.
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Girls can have more than one crush because crush's are people who you are attracted to. Personality wise or look wise. You can be attracted to more than one person at a time.
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I don't know. I is not a girl. I knew a girl who did, though. :)
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Of course YES!its only an admiration..
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Steve Williams answered
Ye course, just make sure that if you act on one that you are always more attracted to tht one
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alexia smith
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I only like one person very much but when i see other boys i just think to myself 'wow, they're good looking'=)
Steve Williams
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In that case thats completely normal :P also as a word of warning if you have a bf and he is doing that --> hes just like any other guy :)
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Yeah its ok if you have more than one crush but you can have more than one boyfriend or have a crush and you already have a boyfriend .
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Yes of course she can! She can have 50 crushes or more lolz Hope I helped plz rate this helpful if it helped everyone
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Yes absolutely I have like a gazillion crushes alll the time. Its normal because guys normally have more than one crush too.

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