My ex fiance calls me at my work after he got out of prison this past June just to gloat on how great his life is & he has met the woman he's going to marry. What's yalls opinion?


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I would just say "that's nice" and hang up to be honest

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My opinion is that I wouldn't spent a second of my life thinking about him. In fact I'd cease all contact with him. 

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Violet  Rayne
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I have at this point and he hasn't contacted me since but even after he told me all that it still hurt a little but I didn't let him know that. All I said was I'm glad ur happy but I'm at work and hung up
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Don't give him the satisfaction of believing he hurt your feelings. Act happy for him and hope he never calls back!

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It's hard to give an opinion on his intention in terms of the call because I don't know him .. On the positive side: He 'could have' called just to touch base with you because you are a person he still cares about.  To share what is going on with his life, and to share that he has changed his ways, is happy and is doing ok. Just because you are no longer together, doesn't mean he doesn't care about you.

On the negative side .. He 'could have' called just to gloat because he's a jerk.

Hard to say.

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Violet  Rayne
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Hope so for both of our sakes lol
Violet  Rayne
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I will admit I still have love for him I mean to be honest he was my "first" and we almost had a child together until I had a miscarriage and after that it went down hill fast and he spiraled out of control and started using hard drugs and other things and basically thats how he ended up in prison
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I imagine he some issues .. which now are the problem of his current fiance.
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I think he is trying to get to you, and you shouldn't let him. Unless you have a child with him there is no reason to talk to him. You simply say, "I am happy for you. I hope you everything works out for you and you have a wonderful life. Good bye." Then just don't answer if he calls again. 

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He called you to rub it in and see what your reaction was.  Say Congratulations even if you have to choke on the words. Don't let him drag you into a conversation keep it short and if he calls back tell him his fiancé called and she wants him to go home. Then hang up and block his calls.

You don't need somebody like this

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