I only just met this guy, but the second time I met him he introduced me to his friends. guys haven't liked me in the past so i'm hesitant to say that he might be interested. is he?


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Lia Tan answered

I can't say that he's interested in you more than a friend right now, but he definitely likes you as a friend. More as a friend, I'm not sure yet since not much has actually happened. You'll have to see how he behaves in the future. You've only met him twice and that's not enough to say anything. Frankly, that's usually not enough for most people to develop those kinds of feelings yet. So in the future, just be more aware of his behavior and try to get to know him better.

And don't worry about not having guys like you. I'm in that same boat and so are many people. Eventually, you'll find someone who'll like you.

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Tannis Mitchell answered

As I see it, you seem very new to relationship's and crushes. But don't expect a lot from this boy, as it seem's like he like's you for you're 'looks', as a lot of young boy's want one thing, a girl's body, and nothing else. Their starting to realize that girl's about their age are starting to look more of an adult, their body's are starting to develop and they like that. But he might've noticed something about you, like you're laugh, or you're personality. Most guy's notice that a girl look's cute when they smile or how they talk to other people. So he take's interest, and start's talking to them.

But like you said, you're new to all the dating, flirting etc. Just take it slow, don't try and flirt with him, when you see him. Just stay as friend's and he might like you 'more' than a friend, he might ask you out later on in the friendship. Hope this helps!

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