What Characteristics Or Attributes Would A Good Father Have? Describe A Good Father?


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He would treat his child like gold, meaning he would do things with the child, he will teach the child about many diferent things in the world.  He would always try to bring out the best in his child and he should be like a hero to his child.  My father is like a hero to me, he did everything for me.  He tought me things and sure I can be a real pain but he never got impatient with me even if I asked him the same questions over and over he would keep on explaining till I understand.  He tought me many things in my life and most of what and who I am today is because of him, I always said the day I get married it would be to a man hows the same kind harted, loving man as my father and yes, I did get married to a man like that.  My dad is now old and blind and I'm not a very patient person and sometimes I get annoyed with him and then I think to myself I should not do that because although his not able to do much now he was my hero once and should stay that even now that he is old
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A  dad  who  is  a  father -figure  and  loves  their  child , My  dad  is  69 years old  unfortuantely  he  will  never   be  a  father  figure to me , He   has  never  took  time  to be part of  my life
One  time   he   took  me  fishing , He  was  sick  from  drinking  the night before  and had
a   hang  over  ,  I  don't  know  if   I will  ever  get  rewarded  for  being  a  good  man
I  sure  hope  God  would  bless  me  with   being   a  dad ..Yes ,  I know  there is  some
Who  are  non-believers  But  they  are  entitled  to think  what  they  want  in life ,  That  is  their  choice  :)  Thanks  for  your  question  great  one!!
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The characteristics of a good Dad, hmm, I don't like to brag, but, my own Father. He always knew how to start things up, and was a great man to be around, but he knew how to state his limits on peoples behavior and on his own. He never lost his mind, always was a great guy. . I miss him, so much. He was my shoulder to lean on, he was there for me to talk to, and always could understand what I was going through.

That's what I think makes a good Dad.
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If a man gives the same tender love, understanding, forgiveness, teaching and patience as he does his beloved dog, he'll make a great Dad.
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I have two fathers, my biological father who has never done anything for me in all my 18yrs. He ignores my existance. My step-father only visits my sisters for one weekend in every...oh 2 to 3 yrs.
So, a good dad should ALWAYS be there for his kids. He should tell them he loves them everyday, and spend as much time as he can with them. He should teach them everything he knows, and be full of patience. He should always be there with an answer, doesn't have to be right but at least honest. He should be full of stories to tell, and give advice :-) He should be that one more push to be the best you can be!! He should be in his kids life, because one day they'll be grown up and gone. So, don't miss a chance.
Luckily I have my mom!! She's both my mom and dad!!! :-))
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Understanding.. Gentle Teaching.. Patience.. Being Able To Accept That No One Is Perfect.  Letting The Child Learn At Their Own Pace..Being Selfless.. Being There  When Days Go Wrong As Well As When They Go Right..Never Compare Siblings.. Forgiveness.. Dads HAVE To Have A Sense Of Humor
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Too many to list, my friend.
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What's the old saying?  Any male can be a Father,
but it takes a real man to be a Dad.    Imagine a man a
lot like Beaver Clever's dad...but without the 'gosh, golly'
part of it.
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A loving Dad is one who can continue to love you even when you are not very lovable.  He can hate your actions but continue to love you as a person.  He will guide you toward a moral life and pick you up when you trip and fall along the way.  He will have broad shoulders so that you can lay your head on it when you cry,  and still have room to shoulder the burden of your financial needs when you are a child or in an emergency when you are an adult.  His hands must be large enough to make a living and small enough to apply a band aid to a a scraped knee or hold the tissue to a runny nose.  His back must be strong enough to allow you to "ride-a-horsey" or carry the burden of his own fears without allowing his child to see it.  A good Dad will often say the words, "I love you" and never utter hurtful or degrading things.  A good Dad is able to smile when there is little to smile about.  No matter how ugly the situation, or how hurtful the act was,  or how mean the other person was,  or how bad the accident was, the good Dad can say, "Things will be alright," and make you believe it.  The good Dad is always there, even when "there" is a thousand miles away.  And when Dad has left the world as we know it,  and gone to be with his God, we know he has not really left us, he is still there in our hearts for just as long as we are able to take a breath.  A good Dad is forever.
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There are so many, Keith. Jack had a great answer for you.
I would think characteristics of a good Dad would be the things Jack said, plus being able to tell the difference between being a Dad and a friend. I think too many parents today...Dads & Moms, try too hard to be their child's friends & not their parents. It's a big mistake. Children need a lot of guidance to make it in this world. And discipline is another need. It has to be done with a gentle hand, always. No violence or threats. Keep the child's self esteem up and listen. Do not preach. Do not pass go, until you learn what it feels like from the other side of the coin, too.
Kindness, understanding, unconditional love, strength, integrity, self discipline, communication skills, ability of being protective & supportive and a pocket full of money or a good ATM will always help too !!
Once your a parent/Dad...you always need that ATM open. It never ends...
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Well.. I'm sure a lot would claim "my dad is the best father in the world.." ain't that cute??.. Haha
but based on experience.. The thing I love most from my father is.. Trust, love and being open minded.. =D he would always say yes to almost all decision I make.. And go silent if he is not in favor of it.. But then he is all ears.. He would let me do things for me to learn in dependency at a young age. And I love my life.. A father that love, love in a way that he would trust and fully be confident of his child.. Someone who know's their children well.. And be open up for new ideas life can offer..
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He has to realize that the marriage is now about the child, not the personal interests or happiness of the parents, a good dad must also show humility and teach that  its important to find the good  where there seems to be none, he should teach  kindness as well as strength, and last, he should teach the child to be curious about the world and everything in it.
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About my point of view...who cares his children just like friend, never presser to his children for anything to do, he must feel himself on the face of his children and love them a lot, try to maintain his given promise and always come forward to help his children on every difficult and serious situation!! And the child fell security in with his dad!
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My biological  dad didnt give a lick about me.. My biological dad is that way, but lucky for me I had my real dad be there for me. He was always there and always put us first. He has taught me the greatest lesson that I think he has taught me was that I shouldnt care what the world thinks. He gave me the power to not get hurt when people mock you. And he helped make me who I am today. Without him I would be nowhere. He has been my rock for most of my life. He has all the qualities that a real dad should. He has compassion, love, cares, he has also guided me spiritually. Because of him God has been good to us.
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Well for my dad the bar is extremely low.... He could have came off as a good dad by being in my life lol
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First a good Dad must be responsible enough to look at his children and at the same time if his family is doing great in terms of their relationship with each other. Second, he must have time to have a recreational activities with his family everytime he is away from his job. Lastly, he must love his family and be loyal to it no matter what happens;no matter how hard their problem is;no matter how complicated their status in life is. A good Dad will always make a way to make his wife and his family HAPPY enough. ^^
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Teaching their kids right from wrong.
Setting a good example for their kids.
VERY IMPORTANT:  Maintaining discipline without being too strict or too indulgent.
MORE IMPORTANT: Paying child support on time.
MOST IMPORTANT: Touch football!

(oh, I almost forgot!  Knowing when to have the little "birds and the bees" talk.)
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He needs to set an example for his children, be an idol for them to look up to
he also needs to be fun, loving and caring
he needs to also learn to substitute his own time and enjoyments to spend time with his kids
he also needs to learn to have patience, especially when things go wrong, as he may at first think it is the childrens' fault at first
he also needs to willing to do things for his kids, and not be afraid to look like an idiot ... Kids get up to allsorts these days
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It is difficult to describe the characteristics of a gud dad, the definition of a gud dad will depend onn one's likes and dislikes. But the general behavior of a gud dad which contains I think everything is LOVING, I am sure love is everything to describe the goodness of any person!
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I would say the characteristics that come to mind of a good father is one who is loving, who is loyal, who is honest , hard working and a good provider for his family
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A nice dad who follows the rules helps out and has to give the children discipline at one point of time
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I think the characteristics of a good dad would be someone who is always there for you and someone who wont let you down. :)
Theres a lot more, but I don't want to make a list. :)
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To my opinion the characteristics of a good dad is:
  • be of honest report
  • be full of the Holy Ghost
    be full of wisdom
    be an able man
  • fear God
    be a man of truth
  • hate covetousness.

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