Why is it important to have a Father Figure in our life?


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Many believe that having a father figure on your life gives you a balanced and rounded outlook and perspective on life.

Role of a father

The role of a father is to nurture, protect and enrich their child's life. A father should also educate their child both emotionally and educationally. The skills that children, both females and males, learn from their fathers, is invaluable throughout life. Boys can learn interesting hobbies such as fishing, soccer and DIY skills. Girls can benefit from a male perspective too and both boys and girls will grow up knowing the correct way to interact and treat the opposite sex.

Standby father figure

If, for whatever reason, a relationship with your birth father is not possible, you could instead seek a surrogate father figure. This often happens naturally anyway, if an uncle or older cousin spends a lot of time with your family and has interesting hobbies then often you may naturally gravitate towards him. You could also turn to a strong presence in your communuity, such as a teacher, vicar or shop owner.     

What we are ultimately seeking is to enrich our lives and continue learning, no matter how old we are. Both male and female, we often need practical advice; how to wire that plug or where to buy the best paint. We also need a father figure for moral advice, those awkward questions and a mature male perspective. And by being a father figure, you provide a wonderful influence and richness to your relationships.

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I believe a father figure is very important in a childs life as he is the role model of the family. For a boy a father figure is important to show him the responsibilities of the man of the house and bring him up in the image of himself. For a girl it is important to see how men treat women, she will go by what she has seen as a child in her later life, as to how she thinks she should be treated by men and the kind of relationship she has with them will be judged and based on the relationship shes had with her father and the way her father has treated her (for example a girl who has had a good father daughter relationship with her dad will expect to be treated well by every man in her life because thats the standard her father has set) if that makes any sense at all
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Fathers, or some sort of a father figure play an important role in our lives.They teach us many things that mothers can't( I've learned that through experience).
If a child is left without a father figure the odds will be stacked against them and make simple things in life difficult and things that would be hard by normal standards seem impossible.
If a child continues on to their teen years without a father figure the effects of being fatherless will get more detrimental: "not having a father figure makes teens more vulnerable to mental or emotional problems, teen pregnancy, criminal behavior, and drug abuse"
Honestly, while my father did have a habit of hiding and reading a lot, he was still there to help us whenever we had a question or something. Sometimes there are things you'd know better from a father than a mother.

He taught me to not fear the world, Unlike my mother who gets worried easily and is anxious about many things.... She worried about us a lot, but I don't blame her because I know she does that because she loves us. He taught me to not be scared  all the time.
Having a father figure in life is ESSENTIALL. And so is a mother, its like this equal balance between both. Getting what you can from both and learning as much as you can.

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