How Do You Drive Your Room Mate Crazy?


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Well, to begin with start with an intention to make his or her life a living hell. For starters, aim for the bathroom and the toilet. Capture these private fortes with a miserly demeanour before he or she wakes up, and make them your hide-outs for the better part of the day. Your room mate will scream at the top of his lungs because he has work to do and assignments to complete. Since he cannot get an early access to the bathroom, he will have to get an entry late or at worst, have to venture out unwashed. This will certainly not make him feel on the top of the world and you will be on the receiving end of his not so polite words. But no sweat, since you have him perplexed and crazy, you can turn your attention to other things to provoke him out of the room.

If you love playboy centrefolds, by all means display those creations on your side of the room. Mind you, use these tactics only if your room mate has aversion to such pictures, otherwise he will always be hovering around your room, making your plan a total failure. In other words, use only those pictures on the walls that make him or her cringe. Play loud music, steal his books, accuse him of stealing your stuff, be an insomniac; wake him at 3.00 in the night, sell of his pair of shoes, act insane-in short do everything that will not only drive him out of your room but also shudder at the thought of sharing his room with you.

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