Is Talking To Your Self Make You Crazy?


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I talk to myself all the time and don't think of myself as crazy. They say that only if you answer yourself, then your crazy. Scitsofrenic is the term I think.
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Hi hermosa,

Absolutely not! If anything, I would say that it's a sign of a healthy (but overloaded) mind. I talk to myself at times, and I'm not crazy or with mental defect.

I like my answers, and I always win the argument when I talk to myself, so what's not to like?!?! LOL.

Seriously though, I find that I talk to myself when I'm feeling stressed, and stress is the primary enemy of M.S., so I talk out loud; it helps me vent and sort things out. And the dogs don't mind either!

I don't think that figuring out what you would say if a particular situation happened is a bad thing, it just sounds to me as though the young lady was quite stressed about the prospect of that situation and was trying to find a way to deal with it.

Let's have a cup of tea and relax, it will all be fine!

Happy Holidays!!
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Robyn Rothman answered
To begin with, daydreaming and hallucinating are two different things. Also, lots of people talk to themselves and it doesn't mean they have a mental problem. I would be more concerned if a person would be talking to someone who isn't there... And getting an answer. I don't think it's so unusual for people to contemplate a situation and try to figure out how they might respond to it.
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Talking to myself does not make me crazy. I talk to myself when I am out of senses or when I am loosing my temper. Talking to yourself doesn't means you are crazy.
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People tend to project their own fears on the actions of others.  Is there a possibility that you may be afraid that you are suffering from a mental illness?

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