I Feel Like My Life Is Out Of Control? What Can I Do?


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It would help to know HOW your life feels out of control.  Is it because you are trying to do too much? 
Is it because you are involved in a relationship that is going no where?  Or going too fast?
Are you doing things you do not want to do?
I have found that when MY life feels out of control I "step back" so to speak.  I "regroup".
I think about what I am doing, make a list of things I HAVE to do, and put things that can wait on the back burner.
If I am doing something I don't want to do, I take steps to STOP.  It may take discipline, but in the end it is worth it. 
I hope this helps.  Take care :-)
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Thanks it really helped me!! At least some people understand me
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That was some really good advice, I may have to apply it to my own life : )
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Life by nature is usually out of control.  The question is, what can you do about it?  You can only control you.  You cannot control other people or events.  You can take control of your life by staying focused on what you can do to adapt to or change a situation.  Also, sometimes we just have to make the best of bad situations by choosing to make the most of what is good about the bad situation.  For example, if I were dying of cancer (bad situation) I would focus on the renewed drive of how short life is and would spend more time loving my family instead of fretting about the cancer (good situation from a bad situation.)
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The only simple answer I can give to your question is that in any problem there is someone greater than all the problem. Which is God , I will advise you to move closer to God
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Cut back on your drinking

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