Is it a bad thing to always depend on people all the time? Because I had enough. I like to do my own thing and people try to control me way to much and I had enough.


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Didge Doo answered

There needs to be balance, Khauri. I certainly understand your need to be independent, and putting your foot down might be a good idea. But pleasing ONLY yourself is the kind of attitude that leads to anarchy.

Ya gotta find the compromise and there's nothing but headaches ahead.

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It depends on your age - if you are a minor, then you likely do need to depend on your parents/guardian for things and it would be perfectly normal and understandable.  If  you are a healthy adult, then you should start looking for  a job and an apartment, so you can live your own life and not depend on anyone else.

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I rely on others a lot for support when I'm depressed. They show me a reason to keep living... You do need to remember in tough times that you're an amazing person, you need to find a good balance, have those you can count on but also keep a strong hold on yourself. If you're too dependent without your support group, you'll crumble.

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