Do you ever buy expensive drinks from coffee places like Starbucks?. I rarely ever do but afterwards I feel shame, like I got ripped off. a huge waste of 6 bucks


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I Don't mind spending a buck for a drink at work or at the mall.. But a 6 dollar drink hurts my soul..  I know people who go to Starbucks on a regular basis and it's like  how can they.. I'd rather save my money. I'm at a hospital and there is this blenz coffee down stairs.. and they are very expensive like Starbucks

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To be honest with you Skunky, its like an addiction. The way you feel about them is how a person should feel. It's logical. But I understand the lure, the lie, the desire to enjoy the drink and the price doesn't get in the way. I've gotten myself off of Starbucks three times in my past. I now tell myself It's not worth it... Ever since our beloved van was parked in front of Starbucks and a FOOL lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the side of my van... WITH MY KIDS IN IT! 😠 grrrrrrr! I am still bitter...

Stupid Starbucks...

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The only time I go to star bucks is with my cousin we don’t have one around here we have a dunken donuts .

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I have my own little decadent treats, but I rarely find myself at a Starbucks.  The last time was in the summer, and I had an ice cold salted caramel frappucino.

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I go to Starbucks fairly often or Bigby Coffee. But I don't drink plain coffee either. I get the mocha or chai latte, or some other specialty drink. I usually get several Starbucks gift cards for Christmas, so I can usually go to the end of March before I start paying out of my own pocket. It is also one of my few indulgences.

Though I do get what you are saying. There was a time in my life I never would have gotten something like Starbucks. It just seemed too extravagant. However I am in a place where it isn't a financial concern and realize I am worth the $6.

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No. I get my daily fix of coffee at home in the morning. I also take a travel mug with me to work.

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I drink Maxwell House MasterBlend Light and Maxwell Original and Folgers Classic but that's all i can't see spending lot money on coffee and i go to Sheetz to get their coffee . But never spend money on Starbuck's , Dunkin Donut

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