When A Boy Touches A Girls Boobs..how Does He Feel?


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Almost everyone on these forums never help the person who asks the question.

I for one am a boy, and boobs are the part I like the most in a girls body. And trust me we feel great when we touch them. To be the only ones that get to smell, feel and touch this warm part of a woman's body makes us extatic. Its one of the best sensations in the world.
If you like it when he touches your boobs and that you are worried about how he feels; you should make him feel wanted and that you like it when he touches your breasts. Depending
on your age of course.

Us men don't like boobs, we adore them. I for one spend a lot of time pleasuring girls by rubbing their breasts and nipples and liking the tip of their nipples.
It would actually be weird if the guy didn't actually touch your breasts.

Hope this helped.

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It means that he likes touching you. If you let him for a long time than he will think you have no control and he will start doing more to you.so you better quit
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It means when they want to have a nice touch trust me I'm a girl
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It means he is going to get you in bed(have sex with you)
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He is not right something is wrong with him and if you still want to talk with him I person either get a few feet from him or if he tries to touch them slap him on the cheeks
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When guys do that, it happened to me too, it just means there intrested in sex. Or your gone farther it was time for him to make a move.
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Ask him.. Some guys just feel something and some just don't care.. It depends if they find you attractive..

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