Do you have a good luck charm?


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I have a bar code that I bought many years ago. I keep a copy of it in my wallet.

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Ancient Hippy
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That pic is NOT my code, just a random one off Google.
Cindy  Lou
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So you mean someone can buy their own bar code for their own selves ? I knew what a bar code was, I just couldn't figure out why you would save a random bar code in your wallet so I got confused I thought maybe it had more than one meaning
Ancient Hippy
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Yep, I bought my own. I can assign any product to it. I don't use it, it's totally useless to me but I thought it was cool.
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I do :) it's a picture I keep in my wallet and I look at it before I do anything important in my life or make a major decision or just when I'm having a bad day. It's always brought me luck :) I'm a lucky girl :)  edit : it's a pic of ancient hippy but that's top secret ;)

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Jaimie  JT
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Happy !! You're supposed to take my side cos I said so !! Grrrrr :p lol just looked at the clock and realized I have an alarm set for 5am :/ goodnight and have an awesome St. Paddys day Tomoz .. I'll be getting wasted by 7pm and drinking something green and kissing someone Irish :)
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Lol.... Goodnight!!!!
Didge Doo
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You must have caught Hippy on one of his better days. :)
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I have a very special tye-dye wife beater t-shirt.  I've been looking for it for months.  I finally found one in my size!!!

I'm a Happy Hippy!!!!!

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Yep, a holographic Muk Pokemon card I had since I was 9. LOL. :-D

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