What Are The Signs Of Insecurity? How Can We Avoid It?


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Well that's a very broad question. The sings of insecurity might be many in one person. Every person has at least one sign of insecurity which other might not able to detect. Like

  • If you want to hide your biggest fear of your life then you might try to laugh all the time or put a smile of your face all the time when you are surrounded with people.
  • Always snub people if you have to prove that you are right when no body is listening to you or arguing with you.
  • Try to remain back in crowd (group of friends) because of physique (obesity etc) or lack of confidence (like can't speak English etc).
  • Try to fight on small things or do some stupid thing in order to grab attention as you are feeling ignored etc.

And lot more signs.

You can cope up with your insecurities by your intelligence. And don't ever let your fear rule you. Always try to make healthy discussion and when you feel that you are wrong accept it rather keep on doing discussion which has no end. If you are fat then don't let others make fun of you. Try to reduce some weight and tell them who you really are. If you can't lose weight then live with it and let them know that how better you are from them in terms of brain, knowledge and skills.
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I'm having the exact same problem right now. What I do is try my best to ignore it, but I understand that that is easier said than done. So: *Let your confidence overcome her vain remarks. *When she thinks she's right, and you know she's wrong, just confront her. It does wonders. * Have you ever wondered what a person would do if you just came up to them and asked, "Why do you do/say stupid things like that?", well that works. It might slightly embarrass them, and they might act like they don't care, but they do. And they'll stop. *And lastly, you describe this person as your 'friend', well they don't sound like much of one. And I understand that you may still love them despite of their remarks, because the girl I'm dealing with has been my 'friend' for almost 3 years. Take baby steps in letting go of the friendship, no matter how strong you think it may be, and it will lead to a healthier, more confident appeal in life. Hope I helped!(:
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My girlfriend is real insecure about her weight. When we first met it was nothing like this, as we became closer things started to change, and her problem with weight began. Sad thing is were only juniors in highschool, and I'm scared that as the years progress things will get worse. I plan on spending my life with her. Shs a great girl with geat qualities. Its just the weight problem she has, it causes fights, and fustration. She tends to turn my words around at times, and make it seem as if I'm callin her fat. I try not to be cliche, and tell her shes beautiful, and in my eyes I see nothin wrong. I couldnt lie to my girl friend. I tell her everything to keep a successful relationship.she just doesnt believe me when I say theres nothing worng with her. So if anyone can give me some helpful advice please and thank you. I appreciate it. :)

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