How To Stop People From Talking Wrong Things Behind Your Back?


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There is little you can to to put a complete stop to it. People have reasons for doing this, they may feel the need to look good in front of others, they may do it to feel part of a group (if its a group thing), they may do it to hide their own insecurities from others by focusing on yours, they may do it so the attention is not on them highlighting what they percieve to be their own shortcomings. It may be as simple as no matter how much you like them, they will never like you or it may just be that they are bullies. The only real way to stop this is to ask questions, the first one being: Why do you like to hurt other people they way you are hurting me? They may not realise how badly they are making you feel so this may stop them in their tracks and make them think again. Follow it up with questions like: What have I done to you to make you dislike me so much?, I thought were were friends, why are you treating me like this?, what do I need to do to stop you talking about me like this?. Of course this will depend on you entirely as you need to be strong enough to listen to what is being said. If it seems that no matter what you do or say nothing changes with that particular group of people then find another group of people to hang out with who appriciate you for who you are.
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You can't stop anyone from doing anything.  My best advice is to ignore it, if the people doing the talking know its bugging you it will make them want to do it more and more.  You know the truth and so do your real friends so it doesn't matter what people say.  It's probably because they are jealous or bored so they are the ones to be pitied.  Next laugh it off when you hear it, you will look really cool if you can joke about it.  For instance if you are around one of these people who are spreading gossip about you say to one of your friends, oh by the way, did you hear.... (insert one of the things they said about you) and laugh, don't sound or look mad no matter what, act like it is the funniest joke you have ever heard.    Best case scenario they will be embarassed and stop.
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All I can say is...even you are so kind....many people especially those insecure...well never stop talking about you..
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Tell them if there is a problem between you to tell it to your face!!
I did!!
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Find new people, and make sure you don't talk about anyone and then you are a shining example of how a person act to others,  You can only change the word at one so let it begin with ME
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THeRe iiS NoO PoSsiiBlE WaY ToO MaKe thEM StOp aLl you ReALlY cAn dOo iiS ShOw ThEm you don't CArE what tHeii HaVe tOo saii && THaT you aRe bETteR THeN thEm!!!
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Find peace in the places you love the most, for me its writing and listening to music and generally being creative, that peace you find there helps you to escape the pain and that will then translate into your life, you will Begin to exude peace and anybody who talks about you negatively will soon be perceived to be a negative person.
I also advise staying off social networking sites if people are talking about you- that only puts a face to the name that the people who have been talking about you have ruined.
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they wont stop talking about you but you can stop paying attention to them. Start to learn that the people that care about you wont talk bad about you, keep those people near and the people that don't care will. Another thing is don't tell people things the you want to keep confidential.
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Even though most people are in denial & those who aren't would never dare admit it to anyone, "ENVY" usually resulting from their own low self-esteem that is the fore-front of such gossip. However, when someone is singled as the topic of such gossip, despite everyone already being aware of the obvious truth, its usually done by those being fearful of coming in face w/ what they already know about themselves, the effects and work involved in sole searching. So, since its much easier to focus on the short comings of others than your own as well as in the bliss of their ignorance, assume they have and are in the presence of very good friends.  Social acceptance, status, etc., intricate and a necessity in terms of culture, pier pressure and so forth. However, it is you who determines it significance and all it entails pursuant to your dreams and goal.  Only then will you make the decision whether or not even the mere question of "Why" is worthy of your time or efforts more or less the details.
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You Can't stop anyone, you can only try that they change...but then is it the you are over reacting to good humour? Another thing is everyone has the freedom of expression and freedom to do what they you can't stop anyone from doing what they like..the only hitting you can do is tell them if something bothers you..they will listen.
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You need to take lot efforts to speak lie. Truth is automatic. God wants to be very clear for some people like you.
Accept it Doctor. Unfortunately they speak true about you!!!
I really feel SAD :)

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