1. What is Love Stabilizer? 2. Why do majority of couples fight from time to time? Nobody wants to talk about it and people suffer silently behind closed doors. What do you think?


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Communication Gap and Money!  Because of the communication gap‘MY HUSBAND never talks, complains one wife. ‘My Wife never listens to what I have to say', complains the husband. These complaints are common among married couples. MONEY can be one of the most difficult subjects for a couple to discuss calmly. No wonder that it often tops the list as the most common cause of marital arguments. Love can be stabilize by keep the line of communication open within the family. 

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All couples argue from time to time. We are people and no two people will see things eye to eye to ALL of the time.  If you are tired and and stressed over life and your spouse says something that you don't agree with, you are going to go off. It is human nature.

Years ago I watched a documentary, It was a series of interviews of couples that were married for over 50 years. Everyone of them had said they fought. They all admitted to going through rough patches. The things is none of them considered divorce because they had made a commitment and were standing by that.  One little old lady made me laugh. When she was asked if she had ever considered divorce he response was, "Divorce? No, never. Murder? Yes."

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