How do you know when I guy really likes you... Like what are the signs?


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He does the pursuing. He will let you know.  Flirting is not a sure sign anymore that someone is into you in a serious way. Its open season now with flirting and people do it to boost their own ego, because they like the attention etc.  Flirting used to be only done if you were serious about someone. So don't analyze every word and look he gives you.  Men go after what they want if they are in love.  Make sure its you he wants and not just sex. So hold out a while and find out.
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He's engaged in what your doing/or saying

Text/call you often

be most likely nervous around you sometimes

Trying to be a bit cooler than he usually acts around other people

Helps you if you need help

Smiles! :)

Hope this helped a little!
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If he shows love and care... You as a girl feel that affection coming from a man.

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