(FOR GUYS) how often do you look at a girls chest? Do you do it alot?


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Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
We don't look all the time. If for some reason we do look at a girl we look at the whole package. Not just one part.
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
I want to answer anyway. Guys look at a girls chest. All the time. It's the second thing they see. They look at the face, then the chest. When they get a lot older, they look at the whole package, then their favorite area. Chest rates as number 1. It's a guy thing. Rear end as number 2.
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Corey Levesque Profile
Corey Levesque answered
What is it with you and boobs??? And like all the time. But you don't need to worry since your bra size is 36d
Manny Piper Profile
Manny Piper answered
This is a funny question because my friend can look at a girls chest and automatically no who she is.... But I try to keep eye contact when I talk to a girl
Belle Profile
Belle answered
All guys look. Some more than others. Some simply notice that its there. Others will stare. Some even wear sunglasses so you don't see them stare.
Steve Williams Profile
Steve Williams answered
Depends what you mean haha...if I'm talking to them, I'll try and avoid doing it....if I'm checking her out....then ye course haha

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