Should The Guy Make The First Move?


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Shy Guys

Sometimes us guys are just a little bit slow on the uptake (not realizing you're interested in us), or are too shy to talk to as great a girl as you are.

Unless you live in a culture where a girl is looked down upon for making the first move, by all means, let the guy you like know that you like him. And make it very clear. You don't want any misunderstandings, right?

Be Blunt
Even though I'm a guy, I'll admit we are often so focused on what's going on in our heads that we miss what is right in front of us. So you kinda gotta get a little blunt sometimes, just to get our attention.

So, go with whatever approach you're the most comfortable with, and if doesn't seem to be getting you the results you figure it should, you may need to try a little more direct approach.

Shy Girls
Some people think that girls also should also have to make the first move. Basically if you are both shy, one of you will have to pluck up the courage to make the first move.  It is not always better to let the guy make the first move, sometime they really like it if girls take the lead. If you will not do something, you might wait forever. Boys are also shy (though it is not really obvious) you shouldn't stereotype that guys must always make the first move.
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I think  guy should make the 1st move because it will tell the girl that he really care.
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I say what ever you are comfy with. If the time is right and he's too slow, go for it.♥
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If that's what you are more comfortable with, then I say you should do what my Dad always says...get ready, get set, go for it!
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According to me only guys should make the first move. Women may take decision with emotion... But a man who is matured will understand the life and take decisions. It is better women doesn't meet or create problem to her
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No. Sometimes girls also have to do the first move, that is if you really want something to happen to the both of you. If you will not do something, you might wait forever. Boys are also shy (though it is not really obvious) and don't stereotype that guys must always do the first move.
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Yea, because it sounds weird if a girl made the first step..
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Well, I think that if the guy is into you he will most def make the first move. Only if the guy is too shy he wil make the first move or some type of hint to kiss you...But yeah the guy should make the first move.

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