Do guys try to get girls jealous too? There is this guy I like and I thought he liked me too because he asked for my number, but the when second period came he was MAJOR flirting with some girl. What should I do next time he flirts with me?


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HELL YES! Guys play more mind games than girls that is a FACT.

And if they get jealous and they have a big ego they will never let it go and will always try and get you back for doing something they weren't happy about.

For example I was sort of seeing this guy I worked with  and then he cheated on me with another girl that worked there, but he acted like it wasn't a big deal and that I was making a big deal about it because he was drunk and it wasn't his fault etc

So to get him back I got drunk with some guys from work and KISSED a few of them (not sleeping with them like he did with that girl)

And then when he found out he was so pissed with me and stopped talking to me and ignored me when he saw me, and behind my back he used to cuss me out and call me a wh*re and stuff like that... WTF!! Even though HE was the one that did something much worse, and first.

aaaaanyway what I mean to say is guys think it's ok to act like "players" to boost their ego and make us jealous but if you try anything like that back to them they cannot handle it. Maybe not all guys, just the guys i know

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you should do the same thing. Flirt with another guy. Sometimes you just need to show a guy you don't need him to be happy and he will realize that he needs you more than you him. Its a psychological thing.

chances are he will come back. As depressing as it is guys these days don't go after girls that are going to melt in their hands. Why because half the thrill for them is in the chase.

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This question is giving me head pains ... I couldn't read it all ... Don't try to make anyone jealous though's a yucks game to play :,,  And don't deal with people who play head games ... BAM !  I answered the shiz-it out of that with out reading it all :)

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