I Just Found Out My Boyfriend Is Gay.... What Do I Do?


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Support his decision,it takes a lot of guts to step up and make a confession of that magnitude. Try to understand his emotional inner battle with feelings he just can't over come I have a gay nephew,when he came out 10 yrs. Ago,the admission nearly gave him a nervous break down. We banded together as a family and helped him get through the transition,you are a special friend to him your support will help him move ahead. You may feel betrayed at this point,but finding out now is better than later,ultimately your re-action is your choice,THINK before you act. In the end what you do is on you!
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Break up right now, a girl can compete with thousands of other girls, but never with men over a man....and hay don't try to fix him you will get to no where
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You should be there for him. Don't make fun of him and don't think that it was your fault.
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Just tell him that you know what he is and that it's okay , but you need to find someone else and be happy again.

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