My 15 Year Old Thinks Hes Gay? What Should I Do?


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I may be 15 myself, but  I have a son and if he ever said he thinks he maybe gay, I would talk with him to see what makes him think he is. Talk to them, its good, being as I am 15 that all a lot of teens need. Is to talk to thier parents, the reason they don't talk to parents is 'cause they are afraid of what you'll say and that you will be mad. So they neglect to talk.
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My 15 year old told me he was gay a few months go,  I posted much the same question.
It was a total shock to me, and I'm still scared for him!
But, the question I now realise is..
What can you do? Lol
He's gay.. That's it! There's no changing it, it's a FACT.
So all we mums can do is, love them just the same as before.. Teach them to be safe.. Just as before.. And hope they live a healthy happy life.. Just as before xxx hugs to you.
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Our 15 year old child told us,that he thinks he is going gay,what questions could I ask him to figure out if he is or not.please help.cause he has allot anger in him and we think this could be the problem.he thinks it himself,he told us that he might be.
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Support him!! He may just be going through a phase, usually its pretty obvious for boys if their gay earlier than 14....but he's got to be going through so much right now with so many insecurities. Just sit him down and let him know whatever hos sexuality turns out to be that you'll support him and love him no matter what, and that whoever he chooses to love is fine with you, and should be with everyone else. He'll love you for it, and your relationship can only grow from it :)
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Support him. it is perfectly natural.

I have recently come out to my family friends and my parents i was absolutely terrified so it took him courage to tell you he may be going through a difficult time but that doesn't mean it is a phase I am going through a difficult time. 

I still know for definite and have done for years everyone has been supportive of me and it has made me feel a lot better about myself

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I agree Just support him. I accepted that I was Bi sexual when I was about 12 years old. When I told my parents they took the other approach to the situation. And kicked me out of the house.
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I learned this from school.....tell him to count to 3 with his fingers...if he starts with his thumb,he's gay....if he starts with his index finger,he's not gay..
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Tell that it is ok and it is his own choice to be gay.
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In the same situation.  My son thinks he is gay or bi-sexual but he doesn't know himself.  What do I do?
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Il say be there for him, surport him and make sure you love him no matter what!
My a 15yr old boy (16 in thuw months) and ive realy only been open about my sexuality for thuw a month now.. But ive always known for yrs, I had my first gay exsperiance when I was 13,
with the boy I love, and still were together and happy :)
wish him and you the best xx
oh ps ima boy
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What Are You Talking About?
Beat Him Up.
Kick Him Out The House.
Ignore Him.
Never Speak to Him Again.

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