Where Can A Gay 14 Year Old Go On A Web Cam Chat Room?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

I would really advise against this at your age.  It is illegal for you to access one of these sites until you are 18 and there is very good reason for that.

Not only do some of the guys on these sites expose way too much for someone of your age, but it is also really not a good idea for you to be talking to strangers and possibly meeting someone.

I can fully appreciate that you want to meet someone and have a relationship but trust me, it will happen soon enough. 

It is much better to meet someone face to face and see if there is a spark there. A webcam chat room is there for sexual purposes rather than for finding a soulmate. And as you know, it is illegal for you have sex for at least a couple of years.

Maybe you will meet a great guy at school or through your friends. I wish you all the luck in the world but please stay safe.

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