Do Gay Teens Make Out?


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Of course we love it.when I was first a gay I went it to a bush with my boy frend and we both said that we wear sleeping at etch outhers house and we went in to this bush and we got completly naked and had sex for the hole nite it was so arsom.
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Do you has a boyfriend now? If not will you go out with me, i wants a boyfriend so bad, and its hard to find one who lives around me :(
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If they have figured out their sexual identity I would assume they do.... Or like every kid dreams about it.
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Although older now, I first made out with other boys when I was 12, Their were 4 of us that just played games at 1st, but then ended up satisfying each other sexually, we all enjoyed it at the time, but remember any form of sex at 12 is illegal, so please be sensible, and wait until you are old enough.

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