I just found out I'm gay and I don't know what to do. Help?


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well this must be very nerve racking and confusing for you , but at least you  know for sure now . Usually people who are gay have a hard time admitting they are due to their family and society , thank god people have become better and more respectful to homosexuals and are accepting them but sometimes sadly this isn't the case , I think you have to personally see your situation , maybe your family completely disagree about gays or they may be quite loving and caring and don't judge you , and people may judge you but really , if you want to come out and tell , maybe just tell your family , or close friends that will understand and no judge you . I think this will be a big step if you do tell people you love or care about , because you need to at least talk to someone you trust and understands you and doesn't judge . Then talk to them about what to do , though just because you know you are gay you don't really have to do anything about it , it may seem bad to keep it in but just tell your family or friends about it hen your comfortable . You are definitely not stupid , honestly I hate how bad our society and world is sometimes , most of us can admit or say things eg. Gays are bad ( just an example) and this really makes people who are gay to try to hide themselves and act the supposedly norm ( straight) being gay doesn't change anything , your personality is the same , just be you and if your ready tell someone close who you trust :) good luck

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