How Do You Get Your First Girlfriend?


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Well, I'm 12 so I'm younger then you and I 'am a boy too and I gt a gf so here is some tips    1.Be yourself as girls like a friendly and playful type, but don't change yourself for a girl.    2.Use a "Middle-man" like her friend to ask her if she likes you back...well the girl's friend asked me if I like her.    3a.If she likes you then be cool about it, hang out with her sometimes but don't get red in the face too often...otherwise she will get annoyed(i.e my friends asked me to hug my GF so I was ok but then ask to kiss her but if you can't just be cool and say"we are not that far yet." and don't let peer pressure push you because it will end up in a disaster.    3b.if she doesn't don't cry about it well try to be here friend and then she will like you.    4.Most likely,if she likes you, you should het her a gift like a neckales with your pictures in it(i"m giving that to my gf on X-mas") and she will be happy.But if you recive one...Don't lose it or she won't trust you anymore.    5. To stay with her you have to communicate 24-7(almost) but you should put more time for test and stuff because you have more time in the future.    6.try to be playful with her but not too much...or you will be annoying to her.    7.there is no too early to have a GF,but 12 is pre-teen and thats a little early...and put more time on test because thats only one chance    8.OK my hands hurt....but in all don't let this tak over you as this will consume time and you need it for test. Well this is all I can give for now later updates from me so bye  P.S my Gf was with me for 4 days but will last for at least a year I have so much time    From,          the 12 year old pre-teen with a gf...
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Hi, I am 12 and I havent had a proper bf before. I have had ones when I was little, anyway...I have been really annoyed with seeing one of my friends with a boyfriend and she gets a different one every week! I have been feeling like I am the only one without and if you are feeling like this (if your friends have had girlfriends but you havent!) I have realised that we all find our loves sooner or later. It'll come to you. But at the moment I really like this guy and I am getting to know him more and by the signs I can tell he likes me too.

I think you should just be yourself  and try and be funny. Do not do sexual flirts, girls find that offensive and gross, especially at this age. So don't worry. I know sooner or later just think to yourself..No one has ever gone unloved in their whole life. And it doesnt matter if your shy because some girls arnt shy and theyll come up to you but just be funny and cool! Hope this helps!
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Heyy all you got to do is just find out about the girl you like, her interests and stuff thats your first move.
Find out through her friends or your friends and then start a conversation with her.
Its always good to know something about them before you start to date them
And as for the age? It doesn't really matter the age, just what you do for example you wouldn't go to the movies ALONE with her you'd invite maybe another couple your own age so its less awkward.
hope this helps!
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Well I'm a girl so I can help you...
First of all BE YOURSELF, most girls tend to not care whether your shy, confident. If you want a girlfriend then come across kind, sweet and open. Just because your shy doesn't mean you can't have the girl you want, it is all down to the person inside.  And besides it not the time to be worried about girlfriends at 13 just concentrate on exams and school, but keep an open mind cause that lucky girl might just come walking your way.
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Average age is whenever you feel ready to make a commitment to a person, also remember in choosing that looks arent everything!

And I'm a 13 year old girl and when a guy make a move on me I'm either delighted or feel violated, sexual moves are never EVER going to get you far. What I like most is when a guy tells me a funny pick up line or they say something like "I just figured I introduce myself, I'm ____"
theres something about a guy who can make me smile.

And about the being shy thing, my brother was very shy too at thirteen but now he is SO outgoing,he kept telling himself " Half the people you meet in life your never going to see again"
so use that motto to get you far
and I'm pretty sure if you just open up meeting new people and girls will be the least of your worries!

Good Luck!

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Well I'm the same age as you and I really like this girl a lot but she hardly knows me and I'm really the type of person that no 1 takes seriously (I'm more of the "funny guy") plus if I ask her out ALL of my friends would get all dramatic about it. So yea ive really screwed up my social life
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Well I don't know but what I think is that you shouldnt striv3 to be cool or the same or part of a group you should be different and remain unlabeled that will make you an enigma and girls like a guy who they can't figure out theyle try to get to know you
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Well you are going to have to make some move ask a friend of that girl to tell her you like her and ask her how she feels and if she feels the same way than ask her to hang out sometime. Its not as easy as it sounds but you got to go for what you want
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Sometimes you have to be confident.
Making a girl laugh is a bug lead . If a girl likes you
she might tease you. Some girls like cool people
but in ways you have to be nice too. I am 10
and I have a crush. I am trying to stand up . It
seems akward because no one has a girlfriend yet
by the things I read she likes me. Also to get a girl
talk about her social life and sometimes flirt
hope it helps!
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Ok at your age guys are perverted. Don't be a per-verd. That doesnt mean don't flirt. I'm 13 and have a 3 boyfriends. I like a guy who relates to me, I can be myself around, who isn't perverted, and will give me a hug or take me to the movies. Most of all you have to flirt with me and DO NOT let your friends make decisions for you. Even more than that don't dump or ask us out through a text, do it in person
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Hope this helps I am the same age as you and I am also like you, the one thing is be yourself and act normal it may take some time so wait one day something will happen and 'till then you just enjoy yourself and do what feels right.

Good Luck!!
From The Wise One (Not that anyone else is'nt just I am!)
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There is no average age on getting a girl friend it happens when it happens...
it's ok being a shy person but you need to come out of your shell a little. Girls like the gentle, friendly type but not always so don't go changing your self for no girl!!
if you want a girlfriend get chatting to the ladies and flirt a little bit with them and get to know that special little someone and hopefully you find the right girl for you.
hope this helps you good luck x  

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