How did you get over your first love?


6 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
You never really do but you do learn to live with it, and in time its seems so trivial that youve almost forgotten but no one ever forgets their first love
abhi khan Profile
abhi khan answered
Its really hard to get over someone...can take quite long times like even years....try to find someone else who can get your mind off ...
samantha king Profile
samantha king answered
Its really hard for me to get over my first love and get him out of my head and its been a year for me senis we've been together
sam kalkhoff Profile
sam kalkhoff answered
Its a really long and hard proccess. You just need a friend and keep pushing your way  through it. But its been 3 years for me and it still hurts just to walk by them at school.
Big Mitch Profile
Big Mitch answered
I haven't and never will except that the romance may have faded but ur first love is always gunna be in a speacial place in ur heart

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