How Old Were You When You Had Your First Boyfriend/girlfriend?


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I was in the third grade, it was wonderful puppy love. My family moved at the end of the school yr. And we never saw each other again.
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I got my ham radio license when I was eleven, built a helium-neon laser from scratch when I was 12, built a binary-to-decimal converter from old pinball machine parts when I was 13, and I lost my virginity at 14 --- haven't been worth a hoot since!!!
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I was in kindergarten, we went to my cousins for thanksgiving, and I met this cute little boy,  we exchanged photos and I fell asleep that night with his on my pillow. When I was a junior in high school I had to change schools and he happened to go to that school, I never mentioned a word of it to him or anyone else.  Yep he was a looser!
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Yes, but it is a sweet sotry of infatuation at such an innocent age... Aww. Sweet.
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When I was 12 I had a HUGE crush on a boy at our church.. He was on the boy's softball team, and my dad was the coach.... So I always got to go to all the games. One game, I made sure I was all prettied up in hopes that it would get his attention... Well...I did get his attention- when another boy threw his bat after hitting the ball, and it hit me in the nose and knocked me smack out. I ended up with a broken nose and two black eyes. That certainly got his attention, but not quite in the way I hoped
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I had plenty of crushes in Junior and Senior High, but never a real boyfriend, a couple of boys, my senior year, chased me all over but I wasn't in to them.  My 1st date, boyfriend and kiss was after I turned 18 and the guy turned out to be a great big stink in' jerk!  But I am not bitter or anything! 
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well it is good you found out he was not the one for you!!!
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yes, I even date a guy when I was 25, and came too close to marrying him. after he broke it off, I was watching Oprah and she had clues on whether your fiance would be an abusive husband- and he fit every one! I dodged a bullet, and then GOd led me to Doug, and I am so grateful. Even though he is gone, I would not ever trade a single moment of our life together for the world.
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Wow! I was like 13 and so was he. Never forget him either. We went to the 8th grade dance together. It was puppy something but I saw him like 15 years later slathered with these nasty regrets and a matching wife. Ohhhh boy! Glad I passed on that ticket and we moved! What a waste cause he was so cute (back then!) Hahahahaha!
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I was in fourth grade....

The guy whom I dated was and still is very short. I had gone to his house and we discussed stuff and then we kissed each other at the same time, nawt planning it. We still know each other now, but it's just been 4 school years since. ~MCM
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I was 10 years old. And it was at summer camp. I hate him now because he liked 2 of  my best friends and told me I was just an option.

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Four years old. Our families had just been to a movie where there was kissing going on. I grabbed my girlfriend and gave her a big kiss as we were leaving the theater. My mother never let me forget it!
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I was in 5th grade so I think I was 10 but it puppie love then at the end of the school year he moved and now iv never seen him since then.....:{
Well I Have Been In Relationships But My 1st Real One Was When I Was 14 And The Boy Was 17 But I Got Hurt Cause He Hurt Me And I Really L♥ved Him :(
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Haha. Funny story. I don't date BTW. I hav a big opion on it. Even more after brakeing up with my first and last(till I'm old enough) boyfriend. I was 12 and at this age I think we all get desprit for a bf/gf and I asked out a guy I really liked. He said no of course. This guy named Zach who was one grade ahead of me(7th grade) asked me out. I said yeh of course. I fell in love with him. We did everything together. I loved him so much. He kissed me and held my hand and we once made out (I hated it) I went on a trip over the summer and was gone fir awhile. I planned to be with him for awhile. My parnt didn't kno cus I was uncomfretible talking to them about dating. Anyway, it was close to my birthday and he said we should tell them on my birthday. And I said no. He said y and I told him I don't know. And ge said don't get confused, they don't kno wut I would do to make you happy and I said wut do you mean and he said you kno. And I said I don't, please inform me. He asked for birthday s*x. He knew I wanted to wait till I was married and wanted a kid so of course I said no. The nxt day I broke up with him. He tries to get me back through his friends and stuff. I deal bad but don't want to get into that sort if life (being a pregnet teen) and have to quit school. Take things slow if you do get a gf/bf.
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I was 17, I dropped him after 3 weeks. LOL.
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Hahah omg my boyfriends last like a week or two then I break up wit them xD well not anymore but they used too (;
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I was in year one bout 6 years old I didn't really do reception class because I flat out refused and just ran around screaming. This was when I still attended mainstream schools. Furthermore I had just started, and my time spent in year 1 consisted of barely any education just simplistic things like sums and division and creative writing. The rest of the day was just mainly comprised of "play time" During these rather banal events I was quite the loner everyone already was allready acquainted with each other from reception - I was new and didn't have time time for such frivolous things like loitering in the yard with the other children as it seemed so bereft of any structure. Especially when compared to home oh how I yearned for the comforting glow of the television and the comforting toys I had to line up and count.

So eventually one other girl called Sarah was starting to talk to me after being encouraged by the teachers as I refused to conform with the others. For some inexplicable reason I got on well with Sarah, who really knows why. I doubt it was our conversations as let's just say a 6 year old Bradley was not a very articulate or coherent Bradley.  Eventually I was stuck in somewhat routine with her. Do my work then just go in the corner of the room with her and go in the near abandoned play house area as the other kids much preferred the outside yard. After awhile she  referred to me as her husband and told me to say she's my wife. Looking back one should only laugh at such an outlandish statement but gosh darn it how should I have known I was 6 and out of my comfort zone I actually did start to refer to her as such. Who really was the crazy one in this ?

Eventually things started to get a little tumultuous with Sarah. She started by breaking the toy washing machine off its hinges. All I remember that day is being screamed at by the teacher ,Ms Hollingsworth. She screamed at Sarah especially loud. I couldn't take it being noise sensitive, it felt like torture. Reprimand was in the form of us no longer being allowed to stay indoors during this now accursed playtime, breaking my now slightly comfortable routine .

Now what happened next was one of the most baffling courses of  life I ever experienced. Sarah started to play with me in a rather rough manner, head butting me and then proceeding to jump on me. I was being physically dominated! I didn't know how to express specific distress to authoritarians in retrospect , but alas many a day went by in where I was ridden like some animal,jumped on like a mat, and pushed like a punching bag and then she started to bite my mouth causing marks this actually was getting noticed by teachers and thankfully they started to let me stay in on my own away from her. But in a weird conclusion  Sarah just stopped showing up for school by the end of year 1 my interest peaked and I enquired to the teachers as to what happened to Sarah there retort was on the lines along that she just moved away  - the same old cliched spiel. But sometimes I still saw her grandpa and on rare occasions Sarah, both of who lived in the same town as my mom Droylsden.

As I got older and started to speak to other kids in my  year I asked them if they remembered Sarah they said yes and even lamented on the times she would pin me down.  Apperently according to them she was moved to a different place for people with mental concerns and that they saw her frequent a troubled kids unit facility located in Manchester, where they would have appointments with psychiatrists. Though I took this with a grain of salt it was rather odd how I did sometimes see her and her grandad and at one time she just waved at me and said "Hi Bradley " In retrospect this was a very fruitless endeavour that I will not look back upon fondly. 

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I think I was 12 or 13, but it was just puppy love. Didn't last, thank goodness. I saw him about 15 years ago, oh my god, lol
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My first official boyfriend I had was when I was 10 or 11.... Lasted a few months annd then we got back together and only broke up a month or so ago
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I never ever ever had a boyfriend. Maybe a crush, yeah, but I really focus more on my studies, I don't have time to persuade some guy to love me. I really feel pretty O.K. Without a boyfriend, plus, it makes me feel sort of different, which is a good thing.
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Ha haha I can't help but smile with their answer.. Indeed thinking about your past PUPPY love seem cute and sweet.. Haha but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to have one.. Even for some fun.. Lol I guess I took BF/GF thing seriously.. Ha haha so yeah I am going to be 23 this year.. But I havent had a single relationship.. Intimate relationship.. All pure friendship..  I wish I had one tho.. =(
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First boyfriend was probably when I was 14 or 13... I think it was 13 but only lasted a week. I had a few almost boyfriends but they always cheated before we was even together so it never really happened. My first kiss was not till I was 15. I am 16 now and still with the same guy I had my first kiss with.
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My first bf was in 7th grade. His name was Nash (short for Nashville) ((how awesome is that?!!) we made it to JR. Year and then he moved back to Florida :(
We went from walking for 45 minutes to and from each others houses in 7th grade to getting cars and going on 2 day road trips over the weekend. Good times...
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Ok well there this guy that I really like and I know that he likes me but he doesnt have the guts to ask me out.  Oh and I'm 14 and so is he. Maybe he will someday soon ....
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I was 15. I think it's a perfect age, not too young, not too old. I'm still with him, he's my first =)
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I'm 6th grade when I was 12.....but  I'm in high school mow and I'm 15
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I was lik 9 or 10 in fourth grade.(: And I remember breaking uP wit him and he cried :( it was so sad !
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When I was in like grade 1 or something between then and now ive gone out with like 5 guys,counting the 1 I'm goin out with now, and 2 of the guys ive gone out with more than once, and now I'm 13..
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15.. It was really cool. We went to Polish language classes together after school every Thursday and he helped me with maths every Monday. We were together for quite a long time. Then he dumped me over facebook.. We're still friends though so everything is sweet :)

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