How Old Were You When You First Started To Wear Women's Panties?


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My discovery of the pleasantries of feminine briefs began when I was around about eight or nine. It is still clear in my memory. I turned up for Gym without my school supplied Green knitted cotton gym shorts, wearing school trousers. Someone had removed my gym shorts from my locker. I was told I could not do Gym in my trousers and was given a pair of the school‘s regulation Green Gym Knickers (cheerleader like panties).  Boys and girls shared all classes except Gym.  I had no choice but change into them. They felt snug and very different than the boy’s baggy knitted cotton undershorts or Gym shorts (this was before “tighty whities” came on the scene). After the humiliation I was told to take them home and have them washed and then return them to the Lady Gym teacher as soon as possible. Later that day my Gym shorts mysteriously were back in the locker (there were no locks) the lockers were stacks of small wire cages that would hold plimsoles (sneakers), shorts and a towel. I took them home wore them once again and then washed them using the liquid (Woolite) that I had seen my mother use.  I had no plans to tell anyone.

After they were washed and dried I wore them again and found them even snugger, softer and even pleasanter against the skin. I then returned them to school. I had the sense they were new and not previously worn. For several Gym classes afterwards I was, in front of the class, reminded: “I see our sissy has not forgotten his Gym shorts today”.  This was one of my many classroom humiliations at this school.

The feel and fit of those briefs was just too pleasant to ignore and prompted me to experiment. I tied on various briefs of my mothers some of which fitted and some of which were too tight or too lose. She had a wide variety of styles and fabrics. I realized I had to be very careful that they did not get snagged or marred in any way. I decide that I needed a different approach and needed my own.

That was the beginning of my secretly wearing panties. I had concluded that girl’s briefs fitted better, were more comfortable and were much nicer against the skin and private parts.  To have this pleasure again I took money from my money box and purchased a pair in very soft cotton (made by Cherub) and another in a very girly style made of some sort of silky satiny fabric (this was before nylon was commonly employed in clothes in Britain). 

As my mother was at work and not home much before 6:30 weekdays I used to come home from school and wear a pair of briefs under my trousers around the house making sure to be out of them by the time it came around for my nightly wash.

I have been hooked ever since. I have a wonderful wife who I have been married to for a very long time. The one and only marriage it was not until only recent years did not know my secret. Finally she knows and has some understanding and comprehension of the torment I have endured fearing her rejection should she discover my secret. She now knows allows how it began and is aware that I am not unique allowing me to wear conservative panties, nothing sissy or too feminine.
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I was 10 or 11 when I pulled my mother's panties on.  I didn't put my panties on again until I was 35.  I am now 63 and have been wearing women's panties since I was 35.  White cotton Fruit of the Looms should all be burned.

I challenge any man to slip on a pair of satin high cut Hanes, wear them for a day under your pants and not admit that your life has been changed forever.
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I was 8 i had a dress up party at school and i switched clothes with my gf
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I think I probably donned my first pair around 15 or 16.
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Do you wear panties 24/7? And what brand,style and color do you like? I like to wear Vanity Fair panties. I wear panties 24/7.
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No, I've just donned them from time to time. Not really religious about it. Although I have been meaning to get a thong lately.
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This year
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I began wearing panties around 11 or 12
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I started with girl panties when I was about 6, then I graduated to women's panties when I was in my mid teens.  But since I was in college I haven't worn anything but women's panties.
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Started wearing panties about 59, love the feel of them and agree with paulinmain. Burn all cotton panties. My favorite are vanity fair
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The wife did me in at age 21...she wanted oral and she figuired mmm he gets real excited touching my panties..she bought a pair that drove me nuts for 20 years!! But she sure didn't mind..i did anything for her when those were on me!!!

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