How do I let friends know that I wear nylon panties and not seem like a pervert? I'm a 100% straight male.


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I think it's best you don't tell anyone. Really, that's your own private business, and no one else's.
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Lee Jay answered
It is certainly okay that you wear nylon panties, but it isn't something that one usually talks about.  But sometime it might come up in conversation, especially after you bent over to pick up something and your nylon panties show.  Then if they ask or bring up the subject of guys wearing panties, be upfront and admit you wear nylon panties and why.  If your friends are truly friends they will now not only know, accepting the fact (it doesn't change who you are, does it?) ... But if they aren't, well then you too will know.
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Dlycious Music answered
  • Call them "Manties".
  • Find gays for friends.
  • Wear speedos instead, then brag about that.
  • Ummm, on your posting, you've exposed yourself to the whole world, so not reason to tell anyone else.

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