how old were you when u first madeout? is 15-16 old for that?


11 Answers

Mountain  Man Profile
Mountain Man answered

I'm thinking I was either 14 or 15. But that was almost 40 years ago. I don't think 15-16 is too old for that.

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

I wouldn't think so. I first made out with someone at 14, a girl, but then made out with a guy at 16.

Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

I was 19 years old.

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

Innocent first quick kiss on lips - 8 years old

First Kiss where I meant it with puppy love yet just a long lingering kiss and not "making out" - 12 years old

First time I made out (kissing while hugging with first attempt at a french kiss but no "petting") - 15 years old

Kioyre S. Profile
Kioyre S. answered

I haven't made out with anyone, and I'm 16. However, most, if not all, of my friends have made out with other people, so it is definitely not old for that.

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