How old were you when you got your first bf?


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I've never had a bf.

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Didge Doo answered

I don't got no bf. :(

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Didge Doo
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I had a very nice offer from a guy in a pub one night but I'm not really that kind of a girl. Funny though, that's the first time I thought I might have any sex appeal at all.
otis otiscambell
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Your dog or cat didge
Didge Doo
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I think he was a cat, Otis. Although, to be honest, he was a little too old to be a catamite.
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22. And i break up with him after one month.

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Jann Nikka answered

13, I thought he was the love of my life.

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K. B. Baldwin answered

Well, if we mean best friend Otis nailed it. My dog, "Shep" when I was a child. 

If we mean boyfriend (or to be fair, girlfriend) I had my first marriage proposal in 2nd grade. Sadly, over the years we drifted apart. 

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I got it when I was in 3rd grade. Two boys liked me at the time and one of them told me to kiss me, so I did which felt SUPER messed up but I did it anyways and I'd say he's a fairly good kisser. But then he and I "broke up" when he graduated from 5th grade. I told him I hated him because he and I would fight and I refused to do the tongue trick with him and that's why he's mad at me. Then my mom and 3rd grade teacher found out and they told me what happened. So I told them a boy liked me and that I was a bit too young to date him and kiss him and that I was forced to kiss him and I said that I didn't want to kiss but of course in his mind he was thinking I should do it anyways and maybe this won't be so bad. So everyday for two dreadful weeks he and I went behind a tree on the playground with a bunch of kids running around and kissed. My first kiss was in 3rd grade. My first boyfriend was in 3rd grade. My boyfriend sucked. Having a boyfriend sucks sometimes. I still see him around and he gives me dirty looks like I just killed his grandmother or something.

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Sophia Tortilla answered

14 and still don't have one.. But this guy likes me back so I'll get back to you on that in maybe a month :D

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Sophia Tortilla
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Update, we are together, going on 4 months (about)
we took a break last week because of school, so idk if that counts but i like to think it does
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BF as in best friend: Well I guess since I was born since my parents are my first best friends and the longest lasting ones too!

BF as in boyfriend: I was 17 and it was pretty terrible. Glad it happened because now I have first hand experience with what kinds of red flags to look for but I'd never go through that again.

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I was 17 when I had my first boyfriend. It was toward the end of high school. It didn't last past the start of college, but it was an interesting experience, that's for sure.

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I knew a kid at my elementary school who was only in the 2nd grade and he got his first kiss by a 3rd grader.

I've never had a boyfriend and I don't want one. Sorry, just speaking my mind.

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Pirates do not have lovers. Except I had one. Her name was Calypso. She betrayed me. I had her as my "girlfriend" before I was turned into this:

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1st grade. The one that lasted the longest in my youth was in 3rd grade. Was it SOOOO serious? No. XD But it still happened :P

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Since I am a dude that is into girls . . . I still have not had a boyfriend at 51 . . .  Although in the non-romantic way, I had several best friends. Starting at age 10 . . . I currently do not have a best friend that is a boy . . .  I am lucky enough to have my wife as my best friend.

I don't live close enough to "Z", otherwise I think we would hit it off as best chums.

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