How Would You Know That A Girl Likes You?


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If a girl likes you, she will seek you out for lots of reasons and ask questions of you, and hang around you a lot. She will look at you often and when she smiles at you, it seems like something very special. She will find reasons to be where you and your friends are 'just passing by' or in your neighborhood. She might linger when her friends want to 'move along'. She may call you, and not have a lot to say, but kind of hang on the phone like she is trying to think of something more to say. When she knows that you will be someplace and she shows up, she will be dressed nice and have her hair looking nice. She might play with her hair when she is around you or fidget with her jewelry. These are some outward manifestations of someone who has a 'crush' on you. Try calling and talking to her, or ask one of her close friends. I hear this is what a lot of people do.
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Well that is a pretty question but it begins from you first.Feelings develop first and love takes over.Without feelings love can not have its way.So you have to show yourself that you are interested in her first otherwise she may not know.Nothing picks interest until you show interest first.So when you show up that you are interested,they are very sensitive about this because they react quickly about this.So when there is an audience then the chances of winning her is high
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She'll flirt with you, make excuses to talk to you or call you. She'll text you on your cell, ask you questions that she probably already knows the answer to and if all else fails and you like her, ask.
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Didn't Dear Abby have a sister that gave advice too?
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She did, had to have help from my fellow bluter's to help me remember. If I'm Dear Abby, then you must be Ann Landers
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  1. Strike up a small conversation. This will help you learn little things that will come in handy in the future. All girls are different, so be aware of the signs. Listen to the tone of her voice: If she's shy, the tone of her voice might be a little higher and she might start to play with her hair (smoothing it down, twirling, flipping) or adjusting her clothes. Another sign she likes you is if she laughs at a normally boring or stupid joke. (Though, don't be dumb and use bad jokes as a test or you'll just look like a comedic loser.) She may not be able to look you straight in the eye and she might giggle a lot.

  2. Watch for signs of flirting. If she's flirting, she may be difficult to read. Flirtatious girls may flirt with guys who they consider to be just friends, and it can be misconstrued as a crush. Because most girls do not want to be obvious, the flirtatious ones might flirt with you a little bit less or they might flirt with you even more. Either way, don't "flirt around". Do not flirt with other girls. If she ever sees you putting your arm around another girl or sees another girl hug you, she may jump to conclusions and assume she doesn't mean anything to you.

  3. Notice if she touches you more often than what friends do (she's constantly trying to touch your hand or something). If she finds excuses to do so, then you're probably on the right track. But conversely, don't assume that just because she isn't touching you that she doesn't like you. She may be too nervous of you to touch you yet. Break the touch barrier yourself.

  4. Observe how she looks at you. If she like you, she will either hold it for a long time or pull away immediately. Either of these could mean that she likes you. If she pulls away quickly, it means she is nervous but she still likes you - which means that you should probably make the first move. If she holds the stare, then she is confident and she may make the first move. If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she likes you, although she may quickly dart her head in a different direction. Look for her eyes to light up when she sees you or hears your name.

  5. Look at her friends. If you see most of her friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling, this means that she is telling her friends about you. If her friends are loud and immature, you'll hear "(your name), (her name) likes you!"

  6. Look out for the damsel in distress. If you're outside and the girl you like is nearby and starts loudly saying "I'm cold!", that's a subtle hint that she wants you to give her your sweatshirt. This is a very sweet gesture, especially if you want to show the girl that you like her. If there are other guys and she likes one of those guys, however, she might act disappointed when you offer yours to her first, in which case at least you'll know how she feels and can move on. Sometimes a girl will pretend to be really bad at something, and say that they can't do it. That is your cue to offer some assistance, and she will most likely be doing this on purpose just to see your reaction.

  7. Smile at her. Do a natural smile - don't freak her out. If she smiles politely, or frowns and looks away, say goodbye to her. She is obviously freaked out by you. If she returns a soft or big smile and continues to look at you, then she is interested. If she smiles then darts over to the crowd of her friends and hides in the group then she may be nervous and curious if you know that she likes you.

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There are many factors that can determine if a girl likes you. A biggie is if
she calls you everyday! Others are flirting,
(obvious) around you all the time, and my favorite is how easily she get's jealous
when you talk about another girl(yeah , it's a bit childish but it makes you feel special). I hope this answer helps you.
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By the way she looks at you ... Whether it's right in the eyes, lingering, with a cute sorta smile know the sorta thing.
Good luck.
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Well you feel it if a girl likes you....ex.she's comfortable with you, she appreciates the things you do,she's happy when you talk,jokes or she always listen to you even she knows you are a boring person and she is always there for you.....
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A girl who likes you would figure out excuses to talk to you... Would want to hang out with you more and all of that, but mostly would be more lively around you. Always in good spirits, and nice to you.

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