How can I stop being so envious, I understand that everyone is going to feel it at some point in their life, but it's got to a point where its the only negative emotion I can't control and it makes me feel so low that I just want to curl up and cry. What do I do?


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Envy is an interesting emotion actually.

From a "socio-evolutionary" point of view, it's not necessarily always negative.

Envy could be seen as a driver of motivation: From a Darwinistic point of view, it can enhance survival rate of a species by encouraging procreation, resilience, combatitiveness.

In a more modern social context though, it can also undoubtedly be a bit of a problem, which is why people who have serious envy issues might be advised to seek professional help.

But before things get to that stage, I would suggest digging a bit deeper into the root cause of the problem.

People who are envious often have a misguided or skewed view on what would actually make them happy.

So addressing and changing mindset is a first step.

Another practical thing you can do is to remove yourself from situations where you are likely to become envious.

What makes you feel this way? How can you avoid it? What would you need in your life to make the people you are envious of seem less important or significant? What can you do to boost yourself to those levels of self-esteem?

These are all questions that will help you understand how to overcome what, in truth, is a pretty tricky hurdle.

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Envy of people being rich while your poor. Well those rich people have many problems they have body gaurds because someone may kidnap their kids. When they become older they usually end up on drugs and alcohol. So being poor and working your way up is much worth it than born with a silver spoon in your mouth

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