Has The Wind Ever Blown Up Your Skirts Women?


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Yes, and often. The most comfortable skirts for office work with long periods of sitting, are stitch down pleats. These are lethal in only the slightest breeze. I always wear an underskirt but even they can sometimes blow around, especially if they are flared. I am not particularly embarrassed. If it gives someone a little pleasure, so what?  If my hands are free I try to hold it but it is not always easy if I am carrying shopping. I am often aware of being watched. In very windy weather I put a  a coat on anyway. Why be embarrassed?  We are only wearing our normal clothes. I quite enjoy it if I am in the mood.
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I like your style, Janine! Far too many women are overly self conscious about the least little bit of wind. Doesn't make sense.

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