So I just had my first interracial sex with three I a bad person for doing that?


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Amanda Layne answered

No you are not bad for having an interracial threesome, you are just sexually liberated. A lot of people have a problem with that these days, but you should just ignore them and do what you want. I also had my first inter-race 3way when I was pretty young, and I didn't regret it for one second. In fact it was just the first of many!

The thing is, what you are doing touches of nerves with conservatives and racists:

Some people think that whites should only have sex with other whites. Those kind of people miss apartheid and wish we were all living in the middle ages or something.

As for threesomes, most people would LOVE to have them, but are too scared and bound by their idea of what makes something right or wrong. So if they say anything bad to you, know that it is just jealousy that you are having a way more amazing sex life than them.

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Annie Mmmm answered

We are human and we make choices no you are not a bad person for that. You haven't done anything wrong. Just remember to be safe !

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Kieran R. answered

It only depends on your own opinion and morals. Although I personally think that no, you're not a bad person for that. Don't worry about it and do whatever you want to do :-)

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