How To Know If You Are Popular?


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Being Popular always shows signs of its own. You should know by the following:
- The number of people who know you at school
- The number of students who want to be your friends
- If you have friends other than your class mates
- If you are liked by everyone especially teachers.
- If juniors look upto you.
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Well, when you're popular everyone should want to hang out with you, and be your friend. Especially guys and other "popular people." THIS DOES NOT MEAN you shun other people who aren't "cool" or "popular," you should be nice to everyone! :) People will call and think you're popular and want to be like you if you're kind and sweet to all people! :D Trust me, people call me popular (which I guess I am) but I don't exactly feel popular, but hey, I guess it's nice! :)

P.s. Teachers
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You have to have a lot of friends

people could call you popular

lots of people always want to talk to you

lots of people want ot be on your team

cause I'm popular and I have all thos 4 things ;)
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sorry is a secret
OMG get ova urself x ur not popular cuz no popular person rites in propa english x hate it wen unpopula ppl tri 2 b popula x

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