How Would You Arrange The Fruit Basket For A Friend?


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We can give the fruit basket to a friend on birthday or any other occasion. Fruit basket is a gift and it must look like a gift with its packing and arrangement. It dose not mean that fruit basket only consist fruits. There would be other things like teddy bear or chocolates. Here we arrange a fruit basket for a friend. So we arrange a basket with a beautiful teddy bear.
The teddy bear must be in normal size, which would be small to the basket because we have to arrange the fruits.

The teddy bear would be white or pink color that would be look very beautiful and lovely. First of all, we have to choose a very beautiful basket, which is basic thing. Mostly cane baskets are used for arranging fruit basket. Then we have to choose the fruits. The fruits must be fresh and good in quality. We should use different type of fruits, which look more beautiful and attractive. The fruit would be banana, grapes or oranges etc.
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