What is a good 'opening line' when trying to talk to a girl? I want something other than asking 'what they do' or questions like that, but also not something that will make me sound creepy or strange


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Like what is the thing that if a guy came up to you and said it, you'd be interested to hear more about him and talk to him?

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My answer is:  Shift your focus onto being more attractive to women in ways that ignite interactions effortlessly.  The strongest, #1 most important "woman magnet" is to: Have genuine passion for something in life.  A hobby, a belief, a cause, a goal.  Do that and the 'opening lines' question becomes irrelevant.  And un-needed.

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It's not wait or approach, its have a purpose and passion that you follow. The interaction then happens on it's own.

Women are also attracted to guys who are busy. Have limited time for them. If you are easily accessible and drop everything for her, your attractivity points drop 2-3 out of 10.

Also remember that what a woman is attracted to and what she likes the idea of being attracted to may overlap but are usually WAAAAAY different. I wrote a comment on this previously, so I won't expound on it. You can look it up.

Look, I am not saying having and using a few opening liners, but use them 'in the flow' of doing other things in life.

Perhaps this will put it into a useful paradigm for you: Get attached to goals, not a person or a thing. Goals other than getting a date. And don't get stuck on one girl you have not even met yet.

OK, if you have read this far, here is what you might be looking for: Do a search on David DeAngelo and other players like him. They are taken the art of success with women and turned it into a precise science. The psychology, the one liners, what to where, how to act. Oh, and one universal thing they all say is: "Have an interesting life" - career, hobbies, etc. Without that, successful one liners will fizzle quick. And if you have the $, some of those master players hold seminars and even take you out 1-on-1 to show you how to become a woman magnet.
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fyi pickup "artists" are lame
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To Amanda's comment: to the most part, they are lame. They're slick, salesman, using type guys. However your goal is not to become one of them, simply to learn dynamics of how conversation, interaction and persuasion work. What you do with those skills is up to you.
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Have a hot bod, act cool, be a gentleman, give us compliments, be mysterious, interesting and exciting. And if you've got the cash to splash, then do it! I don't see why guys find it all sohard...

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