It makes me sick how much I still care for him even when he could care less about me. Anyone know how I feel?


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Lia Tan answered

Oh yeah, you're not alone. This is a case of unrequited love. It's quite common and it sucks a lot. You can't help yourself since you like him but you know that this won't end well. The best thing is to just shut him out from your life. Don't try to think of him, avoid talking to him, and even try to avoid looking at him. It may sound absurd and a bit extreme but right now you need to help yourself. So it doesn't matter what other people think. Do what is best for you. Having him out of your life for a while is good because it'll help you focus on other things and your feelings will eventually get the idea that you don't want to be involved with him. Just be sure that you are consistent about this. Give it a good month or two before you try talking to him again.

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Ever loved someone soo much that you can do anything for that person?

If yes...then make that someone your self and do whatever you want to do.

And if your problem is really serious then i have a solution...try to move away from him...the more you go behind him..the more he will run away from you...You take your own direction and he will definitely come start ignoring him and make him realise it.

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