Boyfriend& I have been together a little over 7 months(we're 15-17). Last time i saw him, he was distant, he wouldn't even kiss me, and I made it obvious that it bruised my pride. Its been almost 2 weeks, and no word from him. What do i do?


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This actually happened to me TODAY. And we ended up breaking up at the end of it. So I'd confront him, because if he's being off with you, it is a guy thing and it means he wants to finish it but he wants to go living without you first to see if it's worth it. You need to sort it out, or you're going to end up like me a complete and total wreck. I don't wish it on anybody.
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Hes either laying a guilt trip on you or hes moved on, which is more likely so cut your losses and just move on as no guy is worth putting your life on hold while he plays mind control games

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