I Have A Crush On The Pastors Son At My Church. My Family And I Just Started That Church So I Don't Know Him That Well. All I Know Is That He's Cute, Sweet, And Shy. Should I Waite To Ask If He Likes Me Or Is Sooner Better Than Later?


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Hey girly! I'm 17 and I'm dating the pastor's son from my church who is a little over a year older than me and I have to say that I love it! It is so nice having somebody who shares the same values that I do and to have somebody there to encourage me in my relationship with Christ! We've been dating for almost a year now and I can definitely see God in our relationship through just little coincidences. I feel that God brought us together and wants us to be dating because everything has really worked out. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep God at the center of your relationship. Make sure you honor him through your actions, and if you do that, He will work the rest out. Keep your mind open to who God will bring into your life, and whoever He does bring in to your life, it will be according to His perfect will!

So should you wait and ask or not...I would say pray about it, and if it is meant to happen, then you will know because God will put things in motion! Or if you feel comfortable with it and have gotten to know him better, then go for it! I liked the pastor's son for a while and when he came over to talk to me the first time, I was very shy and quiet (but I still liked him!). He later said he felt the urge to come talk to me for some reason, not knowing what it was at the time. Now, we're definitely in agreement that it was God speaking to Him!

My boyfriend is sweet, extremely cute, so loving, and is very encouraging. He is slow to anger and is very supportive! The one thing that I like is that He shares the same values that I do, but he is also very much a person beyond your typical idea of a pastor's kid! Whoever God does bring into your life, whether it is this boy or not, know that God has perfect plans for the both of you and it will be amazing! God Bless!!!
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Hi there, Lady.

I've been in your situation and still am. The best advice is : Pray about it, pray about it, pray about it! If you and Him being together is in God's plan, He will set things in motion. Just make sure that you don;t make this guy an idol, let Jesus remain your only King and when the time is right, he will send you a caretaker king! I have been praying and waiting for six years, God gave me this Word: Song of Solomon 3 verse 7 "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." He told me I would have to wait for us both to grow stronger in Him, before we are ready to be together. Now that time is finally here and I am so glad I waited and prayed. Don't tell this guy you like him, rather tell God. Trust me, if he likes you too, he's also praying about you, and then it's in God's hands. All the best!
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In response to the previous guest, I would simply advise you to take great caution with whomever you decide to give your heart to, pastor's son or not. Guard your heart. We are all human and aren't perfect. Only Jesus is perfect and has perfect love to give. He will never break any promises and will always love you; He will never let you down. First and foremost, concentrate on building your relationship with Him and other relationships will follow easily. His love is eternal and you can take that one to the bank :)

I know this sounds crazy and a little bit dumb but if you keep your heart open to God speaking to you and are open to His plans for your life, you'll end up where you need to be. Just pray for discernment and to be responsive when he says to move. In all of this, I speak from experience. I've had my heart terribly broken by a pastor's son. In the process, I lost sight of what was most important in my life: My Lord Almighty, my Redeemer who lives, Jesus Christ.
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Hey girl, I just want you to know that what you are feeling is completely natural and what the others are saying about waiting it out, praying and handing the situation over to god truly does work in regards to finding out if said pk (pastor's kid) does like you.
Parallel to the girl at the top I am 17 as well but I have been only dating my boyfriend for eight months. I don't know what your background is but I would like to share mine and hopefully it will help. In my relationship I knew I liked this boy. He is shy as well but very nice and when he is out of his shell he can be a real people person yet he won't admit to his shyness. I had to learn this over time sent around him and becoming his friend. It's hard to take a boy at face value when people have inner pages too that you may not see when you first meet them. I'm just trying to say that it is important to get to know a person that's all.
I like him that I know but I didn't know if he liked me. However since he was a pastor's son I was intimidated by his background, his family, and frankly when I took a step out of my shoes to see my situation regarding the whole "liking" scenario I felt ashamed; how I can compare or even be worthy to like a guy who is so devoted and is so in love with god? I found it so hard to just hand over my liking for one mortal man to the all powerful lord. But what I have learned is that through time, prayer and a mega amount of trust in god I was and am being naive because god made me who I am and who I am for a reason. Comparing one's self to another like that is unacceptable especially when it is a boy. All I'm saying is coming to god and seeing him first, even if my example could be argued poor and possibly controversial (I'm not too sure), it is very important to see god first in a relationship even before it begins. Yet more importantly (and I cannot stress enough) if god does chose to bring that boy that you have an eye on into your life, then you have to remember to keep your eyes on Him no matter what! This is hard, don't mistake me. I still find it the hardest thing in the world sometimes but it is still really really important!
Another thing that I would like to mention is, on that same note, that when the boy is also keeping his eyes on god throughout your relationship (which is a very important part of said relationship in regards having a relationship while having the same sense of morality) yet still having a girl friend the girlfriend's life can suddenly become hard. I'm just trying to say that if you go, or maybe have already gone into this relationship, things may not get easier because you got past the first hill of finding out if he likes you and him asking you out. Yet I think that if anything (like a relationship) was to truly be worth it then it would not be a piece of cake. In said relationship if he were to have his eye on god, then you (I don't know if you do but I know that it is something that has truly tested me) may feel put second and let down because you do not have relationship with this boy that you thought you would. What I mean by this is that media and society puts this stereotype of what a relationship is supposed to be like but when you are in a relationship (sometimes not just with a pk) then these expectations may not necessarily be lived up to by the boy. I dated a boy who was not christian then went to dating a pastors kid and all I knew was that when a person has their eyes set on god where over people don't then things are not going to be the same as a relationship in movies or a different relationship where you have not had god as the focus and what I'm saying is that may seem surprising to you but it will turn out for the better. I'm not trying to say that I know everything there is to know about god and dating a boy (pk for example) who can be classified as godly but I'm trying to say that everything always turning out right when you have your eyes on the lord god, you have handed it all over to him and given him his prayer. I just want to try and say that I support you (or maybe someone else who relates possibly) in the idea that god is important in a relationship, pk or not, and that he needs to be the center no matter how hard it may get or seem. But in what I would say to be all parts of a relationship this component is essential.
Look, in my own long and overly ranty sorta way I'm just trying to encourage you that the going may seem tough and sitting and praying may seem difficult at times but god has a plan for your life and you are not and never will be alone. It is important to keep your eyes on god when it gets hard and in relationships it may get harder then you have ever imagined. There may be a cute, sweet, caring, shy, boy who is a pastor's kid and you don't know if he likes you and sitting on your hands seems impossible, please just try not to lose hope, keep faithful, patient and remember to have your eyes set on god because he is the way, the truth and the light. All things are possible through him and the power of prayer can go a long way but He has still has got a plan for you as well as that boy. Have trust and remember that you are not alone in this battle. Keep strong and keep on praying.
I hope I helped :j
~with love
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Wait! If he is shy as you say, you may scare him away and never have a chance to really get to know him. Continue going to church faithfully, join in on all the fun activities and wait until he notices you...he will. There is no rush. You will have opportunities to interact with him at church. Be patient.
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Hi There!

Same here! I think the best thing to do is Pray give time to God and really focus your attention on God's love, God will prepare whats best for you then.. Also go to church regularly be a STRONG christian even if this relationship fails God's love never does! He is always there and watching over you you are his precious child and he would ONLY think of the best for you

God Bless you and I pray that God will really move in you!

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Hey, I am in the same boat as you. I finally got to where I can talk to him with out stuttering but I think there is another girl at church who likes him. I am sticking as his friend for now which is the best case. But, you should also pray about it and work to know this person. Good luck to you.

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This sounds an awful lot like what's going on at my church. This girl is chasing my brother (pastor's son) who is shy and sweet (at least to girls). My advice is to go away and stop chasing guys.

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