How Can I Get My Kids To Listen To Me And Not Throw Fits?


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This is a problem all parents face today. Children are so different than when we grew up. I always took things away from mine when they acted like this and returned it to them when they acted better, like TV, toys and play time. Sit them down and make a plan of what your going to do and tell them, if they keep acting up this is whats next.
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Yelling won't get you anywhere. Kids usually tune parents out when they yell. Set aside time to phone calls, no interruptions, no visitors, no t.v., no computer. Ask open ended questions so that you will engage them in dialogue. Kids need to understand, and again, this can be done in a calm, authoritative tone, that parents talk and children listen. Should they throw fits, they need to suffer the consequences. We used to have to pick our own punishment for not listening to our parents. It was hard.
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Consistence is a must. They are like pets and visa versa. If they know you will back down and give in or up, then it will be harder the next time. When you give a punishment make sure it fits the crime and age. 1 minute per age in time out .... Be reasonable and consider yourself and how the punishment will affect you..good time for fingerprints to be wiped off walls or some small chore you hate doing. My 2 daughters where 12 and got in trouble in school..they tore the rest of the wall paper off bathroom for me!! It was great then they stopped getting in was too much work!! LOL!!!
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I have a two year old and he started misbehaving about 5 months ago he is such a loving child normally so its quite out of character he says please and thank you but sometimes he just will not listen so if he doesn't eat his dinner we tell him once and then it stays in front of him for 10 min if he still hasn't eaten it then it goes I'm the bin and he does not get treated when he does eat it all he gets a little treat and we play with him pay him a bit more attention if you ignore the mis behaviour and praise.
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michaela montague
the good then they will eventually learn that they wont get any attention if they are naughty. We also have a stair gate on his room and if he is naughty then and will not do as he is told then we put him in his room for 5 min, if he does it again then he goes in longer, but this has to be done carefully as if they are in there room for to long then they start playing with there toys and forget why they are in there in the first place. When we get him out we always get him to say sorry with a kiss and a cuddle. If he doesn't say please then he does not have what he is asking for. We started that very early and now he has started nursery and they said he is the only child that says please and thank you. You will get there just try not to let them see its working you up because they can pick up on that to.
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Well what you can do is try counting down to three and if they don't listen by the time you get to zero then ground them.
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At that age kids want you to be in control! If they cry when they wake up put them back in bed.. Because they're still tired. We as adults wake up at night and we go back to sleep. Kids wake up still tired.
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Well, I have a little brother, most of the time I bribe him, but if you don't want to commit a crime you should just talk to them nicely and reward them for behaving well.
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They actually may be seeking your attention. I am a child of a single parent household and the 4 to 1 ratio made it difficult to get some good one on one time. More than anything we wanted time and affection from our mom and would do just about anything to get it. I remember sitting on the couch listening to my mom read from college biology books so we could do something together and she could get her homework done. Getting down to their level whether kneeling or sitting on the floor may help.
We had one of those charts that you put stickers on you could try that. Whatever you can do to spend time together it will help. See if you can get them enrolled in some activities I had lots of them I did from preschool until I was in junior high and I had scholarships to pay for most of them. Giving them time and little things to do might make them listen.
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hi ya it sounds good what you saying have you got any ideas what to do if you have tried everything and your kids still don't listen I've got 3 kids and my 2 boys are so much hard work I've tried so much and they still don't listen.
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Hang them upside down with a rope, from a tree and grab the garden hose? Kidding, just kidding.

Do what my folks did. One on one, sit down, look them in the eye and "talk" to them. Like the other blurter said. Explain the benefit of co-operation and the detriment on non-cooperation.

These kids are "our" future and the sooner they understand the "law", in this case, the parental law, the sooner they become productive members of society.

As opposed to me where one stint in county jail has ruined 27 years of hard work and effectively made me an unproductive and unemployable member of society. Funny how things work out. I actually listened to my folks and disregarded the law. Whoops...
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The more you talk, the less they'll listen. They may be overwhelmed by the total volume of words, most of which they may not understand.

You can also bribe them to listen in order to establish the habit. It might work at least for a while. After you've been silent for 10 minutes or more begin with what will become a standard opening. Maybe raise your hand as request "ssssh until I put my hand down and listen now" and then say, perhaps "Jennie, you have a cookie hidden in your white shoe. Wait. Sue, get your cookie from the high chair. Go, scoot!" and lower your hand.

They're young. They can be trained. Just don't overwhelm them. If it works right you can raise your hand to scratch your nose when they're in their thirties and they will still automatically focus on you lips and listen.
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Definitely by not yelling. Taking away privileges might give them a different mind set. Also treating them to something when they have done something good will give them confidence to try to do it again instead of getting in trouble.
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Spare some hours with your children in a day. Give them attention , they will definitely listen to you.
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Well my mom yells and 'spanks' me which really doesn't hurt that much(shh) I would suggest spanking your children I would just talk 2 them nicely and give them rewards keep a chart or behavior take sum things they love away when they miss behave and when there good reward them w/ things they love more than anything like the computer 4 me I loooveee the Internet!
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Make sure the consequences are clear don't change the rules and don't give in.. Hard at first but they will get the idea.. Good luck :)

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