How Do I Get My 18 Month Old Daughter To Eat More And Drink Less Without Her Throwing A Fit For Her Milk?


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Let it go for a while. If there is too much tension around the food issue it will just make things worse. Toddlers don't need juice, so cut back on that first and offer her milk or water. If she can't quit juice cold turkey try watering it down bit by bit until she is drinking water instead. From there, offer her regular food, no gimmicks and if she doesn't want it clear it and don't comment. When she asks for milk, offer her food first and follow the same plan. If you don't engage in the power struggle and only offer her healthy options, her body will eventually just take what it needs.
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I have 5 children and they all went through this for a while.Trust me its just a phase and hopefully she'll   get over it,just don't push it,it'll just make it worse.When she doesn't want to eat just take the food away for a couple of hours and then give it back to her if likes juice try giving her 100%pure fruit juice,that'll help get a full serving of daily requirements of fruit.These days you can also find 100% pure fruit and veg mix juice which   is great because then you can get both into her.Hope this helps!!
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You need to give her some mashed potatoes or tomatoes paste. If she still want to drink milk and juices, let her do that. It wont cause much of the problem but if she grows up to 2 plus years, you should see a pedi than.
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Try to make her food in shapes of animal's,or some cartoon shapes that she likes, you can use cookie cutters do it.and you can mix some food with her milk. If you see that she is not gaining any weight you need to seek help.good luck.

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