What Kind Of Food Items Should An 18 Month Old Eat?


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Eighteen months old babies can be given solid foods that adults usually have. But some things have to be kept in mind while you feed your 18 months old.

While solids can be given to your eighteen months old, make sure that the food is not very hard for the baby to eat and then to digest. Food like meat should be sufficiently cooked so that they are not for the baby to chew and the baby's digestive system to digest it.

Some foods are not easily digested by the digestive systems of the babies. Make sure that you monitor the effects of different foods on the baby's digestive system.

Some foods might lead to constipation as well while others will lead to vomiting because of the indigestion. Food like cheese can cause constipation, so avoid giving too much cheese. Milk and yogurt provide sufficient calcium in the diet of the baby.

Whole milk should also be given along with the solid foods to your eighteen months old. Try to give little portions of food to the baby keeping in mind the fact that their stomachs are not as big as yours.

18 months olds can also be given extra meals in between the regular meals. If your baby is very active and eats little amounts of food, then these extra meals will be sufficient for the baby.

Babies tend to get picky as soon as they are 10-12 months old. Parents have to come up constantly with new ideas on how to feed the picky kids.

If your baby is not willing to eat vegetables, try to hide them somehow in the food they eat, like mashing vegetables and mixing in the soup or as an ingredient of baked goodies.

Introducing vegetables and fruits from an early age will make the habit of your baby and develop taste of eating and liking vegetables and fruits. Avoid junk foods at all times that can make the mind and body of the baby act abnormally.

There are a number of cookbooks that contain endless recipes for kids and even picky eaters. You can also search numerous websites that provide delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes of solid foods for babies.

If your eighteen months old is giving problems in food intake, then you should consult a nutritionist and ask about different ways of boosting the appetite of your baby. Sometimes an ailment can also cause the loss of appetite.
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You should give your little one mostly fruits, vegetables, and anything high in protein and iron. Although it is hard for working moms to make dinner everynight, it is better for your children in the long run to not have fast food all the time. Fruits, vegetables, and protein will provide your child with good nourishment and will give them energy to go through the day.
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Well most of these people are wrong. At 18 months every child should be eating a few meals a day. And that's not including there milk. My little lady eats everything from chicken soup to beef soup, she eats egg and loves them. These women need to feed their children. My daughter eats her meals then if she sees me eating she comes and eats with me. You'd probably think that she is over weight but she is very thin and energetic. Good luck.
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They should be eating healthy foods/balanced meals like vegetables, snacks, fruits, fish and drink lots of water in between.
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Everyone has different ideas on what they should and shouldnt feed a toddler, I don't know where you are all from but here in australia. Our doctors reconmend that our toddlers have toddler formula not cows milk untill the age of 3 then should be given kids milk not the milk that we drink.we also use the toddler formula in other foods like mash potatoe, in fruit smoothies 18months you should give your child a 175ml bottle of toddler formula when they first wake up then give breakfast 30mins to 1 hour later.your 18 month olds should be having 3 bottles of toddler formula a day, they should also be having toddler juice through out the day,apple or apple and black current is best, aswell as water.parents should avoid giving toddlers sugary foods and only stick to natural sugars like fruit etc.I also think that tinker mum is giving her toddler way to much sugars! But thats just how we do it here and what my doctor and midwife reconmended, but like I said everyone has different ideas and oppoinions
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This is incorrect. In Oz we should not need to give our children toddler formula. They should be eating well enough to get all necessary nutrition from their food and cows milk. Toddler formula is just a gimmick
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Hi, I would give them a well balanced meal. Leaving out as much sugar, salt and highly processed foods. Plenty fish, fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. No junk foods, fast food, very little meat products, use a variety of beans instead of meat. No eggs or dairy products. Eliminate those products that are white in color. These products are bad for most people. Take care!
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I agree with healthy, homemade food is always better, vegetables, fruit, kind of grains like (rise, beans, lentils) you can give the baby 5 times a week some kind of meat (fish, chicken and beef) cook them without oil. Don't abuse of the salt and sugar.
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My grandson is 18 months old. He is over weight. He weighs 48 pounds..36" tall.. He has TV dinners..fruits..veggies..toasted dogs..etc..  I just think they are feeding him the wrong things for his weight. He has physical therapy because his muscles are weak. He stands..not by himself..he crawls alittle but in order to get around he scoots on the floor. I don't know how to approach them. Why has their Doctor not gotten after them?  Help

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Just curious, does the baby formula in Australia have any forms of sugar like it does in the U.S.? Is there any concern with sugar in the fruit juices, even though it is natural, that it might be bad for their teeth if not brush often? I didn't see anyone mention goats milk. From what I have read and experienced it is the best milk for adults, not cow's milk. Cow's milk is not good for us to drink even though that is what everyone, including myself and my 18 month old, drink. Does anyone drink goats milk?
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Baby food and Milk. Simple.
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i am not trying to be rude but this is VERY incorrect. at 18 months your baby should only be consuming about 16 ounces of milk per 24 hours, so firstly, you will need to include milk and water. and second, if your child is still eating jars of baby food you need to step up. at 18 months your kiddo can eat pretty much anything you eat.

nothing against anyone, i just do not want people acting on this silly of advice.
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My son is 18months old and loves to eat everything from hamburgers and fries to fruit salad and oatmeal. Sometimes, we do feed him sweets like marshmallows in his hot coco and ice cream with my homemade mini cheesecakes. My only real concern was that he does drink a whole lot of milk. He eats about 4 meals and snacks all day long on rice cakes and varies fruit products...he rarely likes drinking water. Is this ok?

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