Why Is My Mom So Mean?


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Ok thats so wong my moms crazy she is always yelling at something I can't wait to move out when I tern 18 but I am only 13
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It depends, you could just be spoiled, and if everytime you don't get your way, you call her mean! Make sure your being all you can be, if that doesn't work offer her a hand, you be wiser than the adult, because times are hard for moms and dads because of our economy, if she is using drugs, intervention with any other family member you can get to help!
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All that they want you to do is to listen to them. They disagree with there kids.some mom's don't
even care about there kids feeling. All mothers want you to be perfect such as go and clean up
your room, no TV for a month or if you don't do that you wont get your pocket money .
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Y the helk is my mom so mean she always treats me like cinderella you know how her evil step mama treats her like crap well thats how treats me and I hate I can't wait 2 move out I'm moving 2 puerto rico out of he whole flippin country from her

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As the children, we hate to say it but Moms have problems also,something could be bothering her and she takes it out on you, make sure she is not abusing any substance, Moms mental balance may be off and causes mood swings, try talking to her about how she treats you and ask her up front does she really care for you,do as much talking as you can and perhaps persuade her to seek medical help because she maybe menopausal and don't realise she is being mean....the best to you
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Its part of her job. Her job is to keep you safe until you move out of the nest, have own job, own car, and out of school. Her job sucks sometimes. That may be why she seems mean.

stay in there as long as you need to or can. Its a jungle outside of the yelling walls.
if your mom is mean in a physical way that endangers you, etc. You get some help.
if shes just strict or critical, pray or meditate about that in your room. Or play some music.

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