Why Is My Grandma So Mean?


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Are there any reasons for her to be mean? Unfortunately as people get older they can get worse socially, perhaps saying the wrong things or being generally horrible. If her life has been difficult it just maybe the result of all of these things together.

Generations tend to be different in how they approach subjects too, what may sound mean to you, may just be how things were when they were growing up.
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She might bottle all her feelings inside and might not mean to take it out on you.Talk to her about it
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My grandma is also sooo mean to me and my brother we don't live with her but see her like every weekend:/ She like annoys us and yell at us for NO REASON? And I Hate her! Sometimes my dad even gets annoyed I just think it's funny and it's annoying but I just deal with it lol!
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Unfortunately, that's just how old people are. My grandma on my dad's side is mean along with the one on my mom's side. And my grandpa is pretty bad too. I guess you should try talking to her, or just try to ignore it. I don't know. I guess it depends on if she's the listening type or not. Mine aren't, but yours may be.
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Maybe you did something she don't like. Also as grandma gets older, some grandmas'   behaivor would change. Are you and her relationship good or awful? Maybe do the right thing and once you make her happy ask her why she's mean and you should talk to her how you feel, also you should talk to her often
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Does she cook? I'm looking for Grandmas with personality who cook to cast in a TV show.
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My grandma is she overreacts if I do 1 thing wrong. And you can't talk to her. She just wont listen.
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Why dose my grandma never let my friends come over but she lets my sisters friends come over whenever they want?
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cause she's mean maori mean. buy her fake teeth.
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That's double worser, buying her fake teeth, you're crazy or something? You should want to make her happier than meaner

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