Why Are Step Parents So Mean To Children That Are Not Theirs?


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I have two step parents aswell. My stepdad is an amazing guy so no they all arent bad but my stepmom is horrible. For me it took 2 years to convince my dad that she was a horrible person and by that time they had already had a kid:( so now they are going thru a divorce and I'm losing my baby brother. But I had to have a lot of one on one talks with my dad about her. So my advice is that you talk to your mom. But it is key not to BLAME her or hime for anything because she will get defensive. Just bring him up and ask her if sbe is happy. And then bring up a situation that you were in with him and ask for her opinion on what he meant or what his intentions were. Sometimes parents just don't understand or don't WANT to understand whats happening. As for your stepdad if possible ignore him completely. Don't let him see your pain. I know its sick but most of the time they find your reaction exciting and they get into this cycle. You just have to break it and well just cut him out of your life. I hope this helps it did for me my stepmom stopped verbally abusing me because I wouldnt respond and kept a blank face on. And its apperently no "fun" to f*k around with a robots head. Its a sad truth but there are a lot of bad people that just want to hurt you out there. Hope your situation gets better!
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My first step parent was my step dad when my mother got married.
He started to abuse me and my sister and didn't care about us at all. After all of this happening for about 3 hours I called child services and moved in with my father. About 6 years ago he married my step mother, now she is the worst person I have ever met. She has actually made me lose my will to live. She has slowly pulled my father away from me and now all I do is get criticized everyday for who I am. My step mom has try'd to get me kicked out of my home for speaking of for myself and telling her to stop verbally harassing me and telling my parents to abandon me. After hearing and seeing them mock me everyday for the past 3 years I lost my will to do anything. I lost my will to go to school all I do is play games to get a sense of false reality to make myself feel better. 

Nobody is doing anything to help me when I keep reaching out for help.
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Thats horrible :( how old are you? Maybe you should just stick with your sister and if you guys are old enuf you should move in with a friend or another relative if possible. You are probably a great person and people have no right to do that to you. You should change your envirronnment for a while!
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My step dad was like that with me and he had 2 other daughters. I found out it was because he wanted to have sex with me but couldnt. It may sound hard to believe but its a fact. He told me to my face when I asked why he was so mean to me as a teenager.
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Because they don't care about you I have lived with that a long time

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