Should Be Parents Use Caning As A Punishment For Their Children?


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Yes, I think so, unfortunately it is forbidden in many countries. But it should be allowed. Caning is very effective and useful for children and teenagers. Younger children (aged 6-9) should caned with a short, thin cane, but they should caned if needed. Not many strokes are needed, the child's (or teen's) age in years should be absolutely maximum, but normally is a lower number enough. Parents should always cane on the bare bottom.
Moreover, I agree with Galt54: Caning should reintroduced in schools, but teachers should only cane of the student's trousers.
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Legally no - it usually would qualify as child abuse.
Practically may be. Caning to discipline kids has a long tradition in europe but is banned there also.
If you don't mind legal issues you have to be quite careful using a cane to punish a child. Depending on the cane you can inflict light to very severe pain. For example using a very thin cane no longer than 2 ft on a child's bare bottom can be very effective and doesn't leave marks necessarily. If you use thicker and longer canes there will be welts and bruises.
Generally speaking the cane utilises as an implement for any spanking from very light to extremely severe. If you want to use it and if you get to use it it may be the right choice.
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Caning was used in the schools here in Sweden up until the late 1950s, when it was abolished. Since then, the rate of crime, especially of violent crime, in Sweden has sky-rocketed. So I think that it would be a good idea to reintroduce caning into the schools.

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